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What Makes a Good Automotive Locksmith When You’ve Broken a Key

A broken car key is frustrating, there’s no doubt about it. But when it happens to you, it’s helpful to know you’ve already got a plan in place for dealing with it.

And no, a plan should not entail a do-it-yourself kit! Some jobs require a professional, and this is one of them. A good automotive locksmith needs to be available 24 hours, skilled in working on lots of vehicle models, flexible enough to meet your needs, perform on-the-spot repairs, and provide real peace of mind. Keep reading to learn more!

24-hour Service

Car trouble can be scary. It tends to happen at the worst possible time, whether it’s because you’re out of town, on your way to a job interview, or trying to get a sick child or parent to the physician. Or maybe your flight just landed, several hours late, and you just want to go home. Perhaps you have a car full of groceries!

The reason doesn’t really matter; what matters is that it’s important to call an automotive locksmith with 24-hour availability. No one wants to wait hours for help, especially when you’re away from home. When you call, you want someone to come help as soon as possible, not in a few hours. A full-service locksmith with 24-hour availability can provide that kind of urgent service and get you back on your way.

Broad Automotive Experience

While you could say that all cars are pretty much the same, we all know that there are quirks from one make or model of a car to another. When you have a broken car key, you want to know that your locksmith is capable and qualified to solve the problem of your particular car, whether it’s a Peugeot, Vauxhall, Land Rover, Mini, or something else!

A skilled automotive locksmith who’s comfortable performing key extractions and repairs on a variety of makes and models is more likely to get the job done quickly and accurately, rather than someone who isn’t experienced and might fumble the task.


Sometimes, whether it’s because of freedom or limitations on your schedule, it may be better for you to book an appointment for a car key problem, and a good automotive locksmith can accommodate that. When you have a broken car key, the need is the same, whether you’re stranded in the parking lot at work, or trapped at home with a car in the driveway, unable to run errands. If you have the time to be patient and relaxed about getting the key removed and repaired, a locksmith should be able to accommodate that, too, accepting an appointment for when it’s a convenient time for you, the customer.

On-the-Spot Repairs

There are many ways to solve the problem of a broken key but nothing beats on-the-spot repairs. There’s an old adage that time is money, and it’s pretty much true: why make what can be a one-step process (extract a broken key and fix it) into a two-step process (extract a broken key, and then wait for a repair)? You want to get your key fixed and be on your way, not wait around, hours or days, for a repaired or replacement key. On-the-spot repairs are simply the most efficient method of solving the problem of a broken car key.

Peace of Mind

A qualified automotive locksmith that’s readily available and able to perform on-site repairs can provide you with genuine peace of mind, and that’s something money can’t buy. Knowing you’re never alone, unassisted, in the event of a key emergency, is valuable. That’s the kind of information you share with the people you love – your elderly parents, your teenage drivers, your best friend. You don’t want to call a locksmith for a broken car key and wonder if they’ll ever arrive. You need the confidence of knowing that whenever you call, that locksmith will be there.

Experiencing a broken car key isn’t something most drivers like to think about but it happens. Sometimes, you may be close to home, while other times, you’ll be across town. But what you need an automotive locksmith because you’ve broken a car key, you don’t want to mess around. For that reason, it’s wise to be prepared and know who you’re going to call in advance. And what makes a good automotive locksmith? First, 24-hour availability, followed by experience, flexibility, the ability to perform on-site repairs, and peace of mind. When you find a locksmith that ticks all the boxes, you keep that locksmith’s number in speed dial on your phone, because it’s not if you’ll need it but when.