Lost or Stolen Car Keys Dartford, Kent

Autolocks Ltd is a dependable and professional auto locksmith company. We help car owners who have either misplaced their keys or had them stolen. Losing your car key no longer has to be a hassle; we can provide you with a new one fast. A new or older vehicle, we are capable of repairing and cutting new keys. If you need us to open car door locks its not a problem. Wherever you are in Dartford, we are close by and ready to put new and fully functional keys in your hands.

With our expertise, lost car keys never have to be a burden again. Our expert technicians are available around the clock. Talk to us now on 07946705894 for a quick, professional auto locksmith service.

Expert & Professional

An Autolocks LTD locksmith is an expert with training to ensure satisfactory service. We replace lost or stolen car keys without the hassle and regardless of the make or model of your vehicle. All our engineers are also friendly and respectful when communicating with clients.

Each replacement key is crafted with the skills to ensure a perfect finished product. You can expect only the best results from a key we make. Car owners in and around Dartford have benefited from our key replacement services. Autolocks Ltd can be there for you if you have a similar problem. In half an hour or less of getting in touch with us, we can arrive at your location to provide new keys for your car. Contact us now to get new car keys within the next thirty minutes.

The type of key you are looking to repair or replace will influence how much the service will cost.

24 hr Emergency Auto Locksmith in Dartford

Our staff can have your lost or stolen key quickly replaced. The emergency auto locksmith service is available every hour, every day. Its a hassle to lose your car key late at night so we make this service available 24\7. By getting in touch with us, you can continue your daily schedule with your car without missing a beat.

Regardless of the time of day or night, Autolocks LTD can be at your side to help. We can open door locks and get you back into the driver’s seat in no time. With the help of our car key experts, the loss of your keys become an easily rectified inconvenience.

Mobile Auto Locksmith in Dartford

Our quality service for replacement of lost or stolen car keys is available to you in any part of Dartford. Our services are also available to car owners on the outskirts of Dartford.

If you can’t find your keys, give us a call! We will arrive within thirty minutes or less to your location to provide you with new keys.

You don’t have to visit our shop as we will craft a new key for you on the spot and you can continue with your day within minutes. Finding replacement keys has never been easier than with Autolocks LTD.

Vehicles We Make Replacement Car Keys For

All our technicians keep abreast of the latest developments in car security technology. We stay updated in car security technology, and it lets us make replacement keys for newer models. We have worked with a diverse variety of vehicles, including lorries, vans, cars, HGVs, and so on. Be it a classic car or a newer vehicle; we can quickly deliver to you replacement keys to replace the one you’ve lost.

Car Brands and Models

Car brands we’ve helped clients within Dartford include:

We can provide you with a replacement key for many brands regardless of their make or year. Give us a call today on 07946705894 to get freshly cut keys, fast.

Vehicles types we replace car keys for

We can cut you a new key with the help of a spare in your possession. Or, we can create a replacement key by first dismantling the ignition of your vehicle. Rest assured, we are trained to avoid damage to your car, and you’ll have a correctly working key by the end. Our experts can also program your replacement key to functions with immobilisers. Contact us now for a replacement key for your van, lorry, car, truck, or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV). We can provide a replacement fast and install it cheaper than a typical dealership can.

  • Basic Keys

    This older key type consists of a simple key which is used to access doors and the turn the ignition cylinder.

  • Keys with Transponders and key programming

    Newer vehicles generally have transponders. We can program a replacement key if you lose such a key. We will have a replacement key programmed to work smoothly with your engine control unit.

  • Remote Keys / Car Key Fobs

    Our cloning device allows us to create a secure replacement for your missing key fob or remote key. This service can be provided to you fast, regardless of your location in Dartford.

  • Key Cards / Slot (Dash) Keys

    Key Cards / Slot (Dash) Keys for various vehicle models are also part of our speciality.

  • Proximity Keys

    Proximity keys allow you to unlock and lock your car with great ease through a remote system. Trust us to deliver you a replacement proximity key paired to your vehicle.

  • Spare Car Keys

    Spare car keys can be a real lifesaver, and we can provide you with as many spares as you need in a matter of minutes. If your car key gets stolen or misplaced, a strategically stored spare can come to your rescue.

  • Non-Destructive Entry

    We use non-destructive entry techniques to open locked doors without scratching your vehicle. Non-destructive entry techniques such as Transponder reprogramming, Key cloning, and ECU reprogramming. Which method will be applied by our experts is dependent on the unique features of your cars. Our expertise as an auto locksmiths makes us the right choice in Dartford to replace your lost car keys. Contact us now for an appointment with one of our technicians.

Call us today on 07946705894 to get an instant, free, no-obligation quote. We promise our quality services are offered only at the best possible prices.

How much does a replacement car key cost?

Getting a replacement key for your vehicle in Dartford can be quick and affordable when you work with us. The model and make of your car will influence the cost of getting a replacement key. You could spend as little as £80!

Call our helpline and get an instant quote!

We are available on 07946705894 to provide a free, no-obligation quote instantly. Always trust in Autolocks LTD for the best services at the lowest prices.

30minute response or less

Because we are available 24/7 and respond to calls fast, we can get you back into your vehicle within 30 minutes or less. We provide this service to all parts of Dartford. Depending on how close you are, we could even be with you within 15 minutes! Let the car key replacement specialists in Dartford get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Call us with the following information:

Call us now on 07946705894 and provide us with the following information:

  • Contact Number
  • Location
  • Make and Model
  • Registration Number
We have the tools and expertise to create keys for all of the aforementioned brands regardless of the year or model. Please contact us now on 07946705894 for a quick delivery of freshly cut keys for your car.


Will you be cheaper than going back to the main dealer?
Working with us instead of your main dealer can save you up to 75% on the cost of replacing your lost or stolen car keys.
I spoke to my main dealer and they said I need a replacement ECU/Immobiliser, why?
Most vehicles created after 1995 come with transponder keys. Because only a transponder key that’s paired with a vehicle can work with that vehicle, the system offers better security. But if your keys are stolen or you misplace them, we have sophisticated equipment as well as the knowhow to help you craft a new one and program it to pair with your vehicle. Our transponder key programming will make it such that you don’t have to replace your car’s ECU/Immobiliser unit.
Can I get a free quote?
You can place a call to us now for a free, no obligation quote Get a replacement for your stolen or lost car keys today by dialling 07946705894. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.
Can you provide new keys for all vehicle makes and models?
At AutoLocks LTD, we can provide keys for a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. After providing us with information concerning the make, brand, and model of your car via phone, we’ll be at your location within 30 minutes or less to provide you with new keys.
Can you come in the evening / weekends?
Our engineers are at your service every day of the week and all year round all over Eastbourne. When you need us, we’ll be there.
If you’re fixing my car keys at the roadside how will I know it’s you?
Our technicians are all uniformed so you can identify them on sight. Every member of staff also carries an identity card.
My car keys are lost. What happens if I find them again after you’ve provided a new set, will they still work?
If your key lock was not modified, your old key may still function with it. But if your key lock was changed, your old keys will have become useless.
I’ve broken my car key in the lock and now it’s stuck, what shall I do?
Dial 07946705894 to reach us at AutoLocks LTD and we’ll send a technician to your location to provide you with a replacement key, all within 30 minutes.
Will my car be damaged in the process of retrieving my keys?
Your car is in safe hands with us. We can get into your vehicle without so much as scratching it and provide you a replacement key thanks to our expertise and state of the art tools.
My car keys have been stolen, what should I do?
You should immediately do the following if you believe your car keys have been stolen: Place a wheel lock on your car. Contact AutoLocks LTD to have your key locks changed and to get a new set of keys. Inform the police about your stolen car keys. Be watchful in case the thief returns. Get in touch with your insurance provider.
I’ve lost my car keys and I’m in a rush, how quickly can you help me?
Depending on your location in Eastbourne, one of our technicians can be at your side within 15-30minutes to provide you with a new set of keys.
How long will it take until I am back on the road?
AutoLocks LTD can provide you with a new and fully functional key and have you back on the road within thirty minutes or less, regardless of your location in or around Eastbourne.

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