Replacement Car Keys in the South East

//Replacement Car Keys in the South East
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Need a replacement car key?

You can get same-day replacement car keys by calling AutoLocks. In fact, you can expect an expert car locksmith at your side in as little as 30 minutes, ready to make you a new key on the spot.

We’ve helped thousands of car owners replace damaged or misplaced keys. Some of our customers simply want the peace of mind of having an extra spare key for emergencies. Rather than calling the main car dealers they call us.

How to Programme a Remote Car Key?

Need replacement car keys? Our specialist experts have all the essential training and tools required to get you back in your car and on the road!

There are many advantages to calling  Autolocks

Sure, the dealer can make you a replacement key but how much is that going to cost? We’re the first call for most of our customers, who don’t even bother calling the car dealer.

Call us with the following information:

  • Contact Number
    if your car is in a car park etc

  • Make and Model

  • The current location of your car
    please include postcode is possible
  • Registration Number

If you live in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and Hertfordshire you’re in luck: AutoLocks covers those areas. We can be there 30 to 40 minutes and have your key replaced.

We cover London and Kent

What happens after you call Autolocks

Our technicians are trained to enter your car (if need be) with no damage to the vehicle, make keys on the spot with the latest mobile equipment, and perform their jobs quickly and with expertise so you don’t pay more than you have to.

You can call us 24/7. We’ll send a locksmith out to you right away, or you can make an appointment if it’s not an emergency. Either way, you get the same replacement car key service, same great equipment and expert car locksmiths.

  • Carefully enter your car
  • Examine your lock
  • Create a new key
  • Send you on your way

We have technicians on hand to answer any queries 24 hours a day

Yes, we deal with immobilisers too!

Chances are, your car was manufactured after 1995, when it became mandatory for cars to have immobilisers and for all keys to contain a transponder chip.

We have all the right equipment for reprogramming your transponder chip and your immobiliser….on location. We’ll come to you with everything necessary to make your replacement key.

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