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#Help I’ve lost my car keys

Replacing your Lost Car Key

Have you lost your car key?

Trust the key replacement experts. AutoLocks helps thousands of car owners each year. If you live in or around London, you’ll never have to worry again about losing your car keys.

Our expert auto locksmith technicians are backed by the latest training, the most experience, and the best equipment for replacing lost car keys. Thousands of car owners have been rescued from utter disaster after losing their car keys – we can do the same for you!

How to Programme a Remote Car Key?

Lost car keys? Our specialist experts have all the essential training and tools required to get you back in your car and on the road!

I’ve Lost my car keys. What to do now?

First, don’t panic. Trust us: we’ve helped thousands of car owners who’ve lost their keys. Whether you’re stranded on the road or you call to make an appointment with us, we know you want fast, expert auto locksmith service, and here’s how to get it:

Call us with the following information:

  • Contact Number
    if your car is in a car park etc

  • Make and Model

  • The current location of your car
    please include postcode is possible
  • Registration Number

If you live in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and Hertfordshire you’re in luck: AutoLocks covers those areas. We can be there 30 to 40 minutes and have your key replaced.

We cover London and Kent

What happens after you call Autolocks

If you’re under the impression that you have to take your car to the dealer to replace lost car keys, let’s correct that notion right now. After you place your call to us, you’ll have one of our expert car locksmiths at your door in about 30 to 40 minutes.

Once he’s arrived, you’re just three steps away from getting your day back on track. The AutoLocks locksmith will:

  • Carefully enter your car
  • Examine your lock
  • Create a new key
  • Send you on your way

We have technicians on hand to answer any queries 24 hours a day

But what about the transponder?

For most vehicles (made after 1995), there is an immobiliser and there’s a transponder chip inside the key. Your AutoLocks technician will use sophisticated diagnostic tools to remove the existing immobiliser codes and pair your new keys and transponder units to the engine control unit in your vehicle.

Now you’re ready to carry on with your day. Thanks AutoLocks!

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