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Our Car Key Replacement Services

Have you misplaced your car key? AutoLocks LTD is available in Stevenage to provide you with same-day replacement car key services. With a simple phone call, you can have an expert car locksmith at your location anywhere in Stevenage to make you a fully programmed replacement key in as little as 30 minutes.

Our key replacement services have been a big help to both private and commercial car owners in Stevenage who have lost or damaged their car keys. We can also provide you with spare car keys for emergency purposes. Our technicians at AutoLocks LTD possess the necessary tools and skills to solve your car key problem, no matter what it is. Our services cover a wide range of vehicle types and models, so rest assured that we can help you regardless of the type of car you drive. Trust in us for not only an effective service but also one that ispocket-friendly.

Stevenage car owners, more often than not, choose us over main dealers because we deliver our key replacement services faster as well as at a lower price. Get a free quote or order your replacement car keys by calling 07946705894 for AutoLocks LTD today.

Emergency Auto Locksmith Stevenage

Damaged or lost car keys don’t have to ruin your day, as long as you have AutoLocks LTD. Losing the keys to your car can really throw a wrench in your plans. But thanks to our emergency auto locksmith services, you can get your replacement car keys in 30 minutes or less and regain access to your vehicle. We offer this service in all parts of Stevenage including in some outskirt towns. Because we are well aware of how troublesome it can be to have problems accessing your car, you can call us whenever you need help and we promise our service is available at a great price. Place a call to us on 07946705894 for a first-hand experience of our services.

Expert & Professional Auto Locksmiths

All of our replacement key technicians at AutoLocks LTD have been specially trained to deliver the best quality services with the utmost politeness. All of our auto locksmiths are also trained to work with a wide variety of car makes and models including prestige cars. This ensures that you can easily get a replacement key for your vehicle regardless of the type of car you own.

If you’ve misplaced or lost your car keys or van keys then we can, upon your request, gain entry to your vehicle and provide you with a set of replacement vehicle keys without any damage to your car. A combination of the application of our specialised tools and non-destructive car entry techniques are what make this possible. Our mobile locksmiths can create replacement keys for you on the spot with our key cutting services, anywhere in Stevenage, within 30 minutes of you placing a call to us. 

Our competence and effectiveness can be noted in how happy we’ve made car owners in Stevenage and the surrounding areas. For key replacement, lock repairs, key cutting and several other auto locksmith services that’ll leave you happy as well, get in touch with AutoLocks LTD today.

Mobile Auto Locksmith in Stevenage

Because we want your experience of getting a replacement key to be as comfortable as possible, we will come to your location via our mobile service. Regardless of where you are in Stevenage, be it stuck on the road or at home, just give us your address and we can be there in 30 minutes or less. AutoLocks LTD specialists can, if necessary, enter your car without causing any damage and prepare a replacement key for you there and then.

Getting a replacement key never has to cost more than necessary when you work with us, due to our effective combination of expertise and the right tools. We can provide you with our mobile replacement key services on any day and at any hour, anywhere in Stevenage. We can be with you at a time most convenient for you, or we can show up within half an hour if you require emergency services. Contact us today to arrange for a replacement key.

Lost or Stolen Car Key Replacement in Stevenage

In the event your car keys have been stolen or misplaced, you can get a replacement from us, fast. To restore your lost key, we’ll simply carefully enter your car, examine the lock, create a new key, and put it in your hands. There’s also the alternative of duplicating a spare key (if you have one) for a replacement. With us, your missing car key doesn’t need to be a complex problem.

What Keys Can You Replace?

Car key types that our replacement expertise is often requested for in Stevenage include basic keys, keys with transponders, remote key fobs, key cards, and proximity keys.

  • Basic Keys

    This type of key is common among older models of cars and consists of a simple key for the ignition as well as for locking and unlocking the car.

  • Remote Keys / Car Key Fobs

    By using a cloning device, we can provide you with a new car key fob or remote that’s secure and works with your vehicle. We can deliver this service to you anywhere in Stevenage within half an hour.

  • Proximity Keys

    Proximity keys allow you to unlock and lock your car with great ease through a remote system. We can create a new one for you and pair it with your vehicle if your original proximity key gets lost or stolen.

  • Transponder Keys and Key programming

    Newer vehicles generally have transponders and we can provide a replacement key in the event you lose such a key. Such keys will be programmed by us to work seamlessly with your engine control unit.

  • Key Cards / Slot (Dash) Keys

    Key Cards / Slot (Dash) Keys for various vehicle models are also part of our speciality.

  • Spare Car Keys

    Having a spare key for your vehicle can be a real lifesaver, especially if you can access it when you need it. This is why it is generally advised that you always have a spare key for your car. You can get a spare from us today within a short time and at a friendly price. This service is available for all car key types.

The probability is high that we can still deliver replacement keys for your vehicle.

How Much Does A Replacement Key Cost?

Ordering a replacement key from the main dealer in Stevenage can prove to be expensive. AutoLocks LTD can deliver to you a replacement key for your car at a price that’s up to 75% lower than what’s charged by most main dealers. By working with us, you may not need to spend more than £80.

Car Key Programming And Replacement While You Wait

We have seen car owners lose their car keys in different manners and have developed the expertise to proffer a solution regardless of the circumstance. The lock of your vehicle could be dismantled to build you a replacement key. Or a replacement key could be created by replicating a spare key if one exists. To ensure that the replacement key works correctly with your vehicle’s immobiliser unit, the finished key will also be appropriately programmed. Our key replacement and programming service takes little to no time and you can have a new key in your hand within minutes. We are the auto-lock experts you always depend on for the fast delivery of a top-quality replacement key.

Call us with the following information:

Simply dial 07946705894 today and provide us with the following information to take advantage of our high-quality key replacement services: your contact number, your location, make and model of your car, and registration number of your car.

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Take advantage of our high-quality key replacement services by calling 07946705894 now and providing us with the following information: make and model of your car, your contact number, your location, and registration number of your car.