With the vast amount of makes and models of cars on the road today, it is unsurprising there are a number of different keys in circulation. Here at Autolocks Kents, we are able to work with all of the more common ones, alongside some of the more complex options. Below we have listed 6 of the most commonly used car keys, with some information about them. From this you will be able to determine which type of car key you have, should you need to arrange to have a new one created, in case you lose your current one or it is stolen. 

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Traditional Keys

The name of this type of key speaks for itself, a traditional key is just that, an old-style key that does not consist of any coding, programming or batteries. Just your simple, straight-up bog standard key. Generally found on older vehicles, they are unlikely to be used on newer models of cars due to their general lack of security. They are easy to replicate and dupe, meaning copies can be made without much effort. It is because of this reason as the development of car security developed, so did the keys from this traditional style.

Transponder Keys

The transponder key is the most popular type of car key in the industry and is regularly used by many car manufacturers. This particular type of key relies on a coded chip that is connected with your specific vehicle. This type of key does not fit into a specific lock like the traditional keys. Instead, they open/ lock and start the car once the vehicle’s unique code is registered by the microchip that is implanted in both the car and the car key. 

The main issue with the repair of this type of key is that if it needs to be duplicated or replaced, the locksmith who carries out the work will need tools specially designed for these specific keys. The locksmith will need a code database, which is given to registered locksmiths by car manufacturers, when a locksmith has access to this they can install a new chip and activate it to work on your car.

Switchblade Keys

Another simple style of car key, one that consists of a generic key that slots into the keyhole on the doors and boot of the vehicle, but also has a battery-operated locking/ unlocking mechanism installed.

Smart Keys

As we all know, technology has progressed over the years, and car keys have not been excluded from the growth attached to technological advances. Smart technology is in everything that is produced these days, including within cars and the keys. One of the biggest changes in car keys over the last few years is being able to unlock and start cars by simply having the key or fob in close proximity. 

Smart keys and fobs will only work then they are within the set range, they are able to turn the car with a button that is fitted into the dashboard, and it does not need to be put into any ignition point. The downside to these keys is that they can be expensive to repair or replace when lost or stolen. This is because each individual key is paired with a specific car, so when you need a replacement, programming has to be carried out on the new key. 

Another downside to these types of keys is that if you have your car key stolen, your whole locking system would potentially need replacing, which can become costly. Mobile locksmiths may be able to help you in this situation rather than taking the car back to the original dealer, companies such as AutoLocks Kent are qualified to offer car key programming. 

One thing to remember about these keys which are positive is that they are not designed to be used like traditional keys, they are made to stay in your pocket or bag. Making them extremely handy especially when carrying a lot of things, no more fumbling around for your keys in your bag, simply push the button to unlock your car when you are within range. Press the button in your car and set off on your journey. Great for technology lovers.

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