We have all been in the same situation, you know the one, where you are rushing around the house searching every place you can think of looking for your car keys. They always seem to disappear at the exact moment you need to be out of the door and in your car heading out, whether it be to work, school or an event. The best thing to do in this situation is keep calm! Once your keys are definitely lost, we have plenty of ways to help you get a replacement, check out our blog post What should you do if you lose your car keys? It has all the information you need. 

If you are always losing your car keys, why not read Autolocks Kent’s 9 top tips on how to avoid losing your car keys? We believe that the best way to avoid losing your car keys is to keep them safe, but there are plenty of other ways too! 

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Always Have A Spare Set

This one may not really be a way to avoid losing your keys, but it will help when you do lose them. Always having a spare set of car keys means that you can at least get out and about whilst trying to figure out where you left the originals. Deciding where to keep your spare key can sometimes prove tricky, not everyone remembers their safe place. The ideal place would be a kitchen drawer, telling your partner or a family member so someone else also knows how to find them, should the citation arise where you forget the safe place. 

Funky Keyrings

Big, bold and colourful. These are the best kinds of keyrings to choose from, anything that will grab your attention when you are moving things searching for your keys. Some of the most popular keyring options over the years have been giant pom-poms and bottle openers. The idea is that having something bright and bold will be easily visible when you are searching for your keys, another type of keyring to attach would be a glow in the dark version. This way when you are searching for them during the night or outside if you drop them, they will be more visible. 

Home For Your Keys

Finding a home for your keys could possibly be one of the simplest ways to stop losing your car keys. Keep your car keys safe by finding them a home. For example, a unit in the hallway that has a hook or space for your keys. Instead of just dumping your car keys anywhere you decide to when you get home, choose a home for your keys, that will then be the only place your car keys should be. Meaning you should never be searching for your keys again.

Safe Pockets/ Pouches

Not only do we lose our car keys in the house, but more than 7 in 10 adults have also lost their car keys when they have been out, whether in the shops or at work. One of the easiest ways to keep your car keys safe when you aren’t using them is to put them in a safe pocket. Preferably one with a zip. By doing this you minimise the risk of losing your car keys and ending up in a fluster searching for them. Getting yourself into the habit of locking your car and putting your keys straight into the pocket or pouch in your bag will work every time at keeping your car keys safe!


Over the last number of years, technology has improved across a vast amount of industries. Car keys are no exception and ways to find them when they are lost. There are gadgets on the market nowadays that will help you find your keys when you need to find them. One of the most popular gadgets on the market today is a key tracker. Key trackers work by pressing a button on a fob or an app on your phone which sends a message to the alarm on your car keys, setting an alarm off. The best part about these options is once you have paid for the tracker, your car keys should always be found. Unless of course, you lose them when you are out and about, you will never lose your car keys in your home again. 

Wall Hooks

FInding quirky ways to keep your keys safe will help you remember to put them away every time you come back through the door. Using a decorative hook at your front door is a way you can be sure to put your car keys in the same place every time. Using wall hooks link to some of the other options in this list, such as decluttering your home, routine and a safe place. If you can get yourself into the routine of as soon as you walk through the door putting your car keys on the hook, you will never be running around frantically on a morning, rushing trying to get out the door. 


This one may seem a bit bizarre, but having a magnet attached to the unit or lightswitch at the entrance of your home means every day when you go back inside, you can simply put your keys on the magnet and they will stay there. This tip for keeping your car keys safe will work in a number of locations, especially work. Why not when you get to your desk attach your keys to a magnet on the edge, they will be in the perfect place to grab them when you make your 5 pm dash for the door. A simple, cheap way to protect your car keys. 

Declutter Your Home

Similar to finding a home for your car keys, decluttering your home makes it easier and helps you make space. Starting with simple ways like this gives you a better chance at not losing your car keys. We all have areas of the house that we just put things down and keep on doing so, it has almost certainly happened to us all. We have put something down and then laid more stuff on top and it has taken days to find it again. Keeping your home clutter-free is one of the easiest ways at keeping a track of your belongings, especially your car keys. 

Create A Routine

Routine. We all want it, but very few of us, especially after the last year, have a set routine we follow daily. One of the best ways to stop you losing the key, but arguably the most difficult is setting yourself a new routine, whether that is putting your car keys straight on the hook when you come in, or in their allocated safe place. By setting yourself a routing you are giving yourself the best chance at never losing your car keys again. 

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