We have all been there, going from room to room frantically hunting out where we last put our car keys, checking all of the usual places and even some random places, just in case this one time we decided to put our car keys in the fridge. After a lot of rushed searching, it dawns that you might have actually lost them this time. When this thought crosses our mind, panic sets in. One thing we can confidently say is that you do not need to panic. There are a handful of options to get replacement car keys that will get you back behind the wheel in no time. Our team here at Autolocks Kent have got 5 ways to get your lost car keys replaced, these are as follows.

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One of the first things you should do when you realise you have lost your car keys is to check your insurance. Some policies cover lost car keys in the same way they cover windscreens. The problem with going through your insurance is this can sometimes be costly and not just with an up front payment. 

When it comes to claiming through your insurance for your lost car keys, you need to first of all find out if your policy covers lost keys, more often than not third party, fire and theft policies don’t cover you. If your policy has lost car key cover then you might be best off making a claim through your insurer, the only downside is whether or not it will affect your no claims. 

Going through your insurance may save you money in the long run, especially if your excess on the policy is low. The main downside is, it can take a little longer than other options, especially if your insurer only allows the use of certain companies to carry out the work. 


When you lose your car keys the best people to call if you don’t have insurance or don’t wish to use your insurance is a registered locksmith. Once you have lost your car keys, a locksmith can come to you to help create a new one or programme a new one in some cases, more advanced cars have programming as well as fitting to the lock, finding locksmiths such as Autolocks Kent, they have the skills and ability to help you get back behind the wheel in no time. 

The main reasons to use locksmiths such as Autolocks Kent are, firstly they are a cheaper option than some of the others that are available to you and secondly if you find a locksmith that run similar practices to Autolocks Kent, they will come to you whenever you need them. 24-hour emergency locksmiths are on hand, losing car keys doesn’t always happen between the hours of 9 and 5. 

So for a cheaper and more efficient service, finding a locksmith is one of the best options we can suggest, just ensure before calling them out that they can carry out the replacement key service you need. Especially if you have a modern car that uses a programmed key. 

Car Dealership

One of the most expensive options, but one that will get you the car key you need, going to your dealership. Whether you bought your car directly from the specific make dealership or second hand, they will always be able to help you regarding new keys. As long as you have proof you own the vehicle such as a V5. 

One of the main issues for going through the dealership the car originally came from is they charge a fee for using a registered locksmith, which as we have mentioned above, locksmiths are one of the more reasonably priced options, so they add a middle man fee. Skipping the car dealership and going straight to locksmiths such as Autolocks Kent, will without doubt save you money. 

The positive side to visiting the dealership is that they will without doubt have the car key replacements parts you need and will almost certainly be able to carry out the work. As well as this, some cars are sold with warranties and guarantees that include car key replacement services.  

Visit A Local Garage

One thing we have learnt over the years is that customers enjoy staying local when it comes to hiring tradesmen, and that is no different when finding someone to help get you a car key replacement. Visiting a local garage that you use for most of your car repairs will work for cars that have straight forward locked. For more modern cars that have keys that are programmed, it might be more complicated. 

More often than not local car garages don’t have the equipment needed to carry out more complex car key services, so they may not always be an option. We believe this could possibly be an expensive option as well as not the most efficient. Taking more time than hiring a registered and professional locksmith. 

Make Sure You Have A Spare Cut

One of the best ways to keep ahead of the stress attached to losing your car keys is, always have a spare! It goes without saying having a spare is incredibly important, but not everyone has one. If you lose your car key and have a spare it means you are able to get to work and anywhere else you need to be without any form of emergency. Without a spare car key, you will be left stuck until one of the above options is available to you. 

Keeping a spare key with a family member or in a safe place is a sure way to avoid an emergency and planning in advance always works. Having a spare key cut when you buy a new car is highly recommended, especially if when you purchase the car it does not come with two. Finding a locksmith who can give you a replica of your current car key is the best option and it is almost always the cheapest option. 

By going to a locksmith in your own time and not in an emergency means you will be able to get a key cut in the normal way, just ensure that the locksmith you use has the right tools to carry out creating the replica. Don’t forget programmed keys need specially made keys. 

The team here at Autolocks Kent are experts when it comes to replacement car keys, we have all the equipment needed for standard keys and programmed keys, if you think we can be of service, get in touch today. We are more than happy to help and we will also come to you whenever you need us too, 24 hours a day.