Lost or Stolen Car Keys in The South East

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Have you lost or had your car keys stolen?

Lost or stolen car keys can really mess up your day. Or worst, someone could drive away your car in the middle of the night and you can’t stop them. Lost or stolen keys could cost you dear. If had your car keys stolen it will be important to take every measure to prevent the thieves from returning and taking the car.

Follow our three simple steps if you had your car keys stolen:

1. Secure your car
If your car has not been stolen do everything you can to prevent the thieves coming back and taking it. If you have another key you can open the bonnet and remove spark plugs or a couple of fuses. If you are able to block the car in with another vehicle this is even better

2. Phone the police and report the crime
Be sure to obtain a crime reference number so you can keep tracks with any progress.

3. Call an auto locksmith
An auto locksmith can help even if you have another set of keys. Most keys can be deprogrammed making it impossible to stat up the vehicle. An auto locksmith will plug a diagnostic machine into your car and remove all programmed keys and desynch remote locking fobs. If required a new key can be made to fit your existing locks and start the car. It is also possible to change locks so the mechanical key will no longer turn in the ignition and door locks. This will cost much more than just replacing the key and is not always necessary.

4. Contact your insurance provider
While you are waiting for the auto locksmith engineer to arrive you should think about getting in touch with your car insurer. Key cover or car key insurance is an add-on to your car insurance policy that protects you if you lose your keys or if they’re stolen. Car key insurance policies cover the costs of getting a new replacement set of keys. Some insurance companies include key cover as part of their protection and may contribute towards the cost. It is not unheard of for insurers to request a full lock replacement so it’s a good idea to check what their requirements are.

Trust us: we’ve helped thousands of car owners who’ve had their keys stolen. Whether you’re stranded on the road or you call to make an appointment with us, we know you want a fast, expert auto locksmith service. This is where we can help – using advanced diagnostic equipment we can talk to the car’s immobiliser and erase the stolen keys. The stolen keys can be completely removed from the car rendering them useless and unable to start the car. Trust the car keys replacement experts. AutoLocks helps thousands of car owners each year. If you live in or around the South East, you’ll never have to worry again about losing your car keys.

Our expert auto locksmith technicians are backed by the latest training, the most experienced, and the best equipment for replacing lost car keys. Thousands of car owners have been rescued from utter disaster after losing their car keys – we can do the same for you!

I’ve Lost my car keys. What to do now?

First, don’t panic. Trust us: we’ve helped thousands of car owners who’ve lost their keys. Whether you’re stranded on the road or you call to make an appointment with us, we know you want fast, expert auto locksmith service, and here’s how to get it:

  • Contact Number
    if your car is in a car park etc
  • The current location of your car
    please include postcode is possible
  • Make and Model
  • Registration Number

What happens after you call Autolocks

If think you have to take your car to the dealer to replace stolen car keys, you couldn’t be more wrong. After you place your call to us, you’ll have one of our expert car locksmiths at your door in about 30 to 40 minutes.

Once he’s arrived, you’re just three steps away from getting your day back on track. The autolocks locksmith will:

  • Carefully enter your car
  • Examine your lock
  • Create a new key
  • Send you on your way
Lost or Stolen car keys?

Our specialist experts have all the essential training and tools required to get you back in your car and on the road!

Someone has stolen my car keys. What to do now?

  • 1.) Immediately put on a wheel lock
    this prevents thief’s from easily driving off
  • 2.) Call the Police and report the stolen keys.
    if possible remain by your vehicle at all times
  • 3.) Call autolocks
    we will come and have you locks changed.

  • 4.) Call your insurance provider
    Be sure to have all your necessary details to hand
  • 5.) Be extra vigilant
    After we’ve rekeyed your car, be extra careful the thieves may return
  • 6.) If you see anything suspicious
    call the police immediately and report it

Here’s what to do if your car keys have been stolen

You may be wondering about Step #4: Call Your Insurance Provider. That’s because many do actually offer key protection as part of the basic cover. If that’s the case with your policy, you may be able to get financial assistance with the cost of replacing your car keys and locks.

It’s a terrifying feeling: somebody has stolen your car keys and you’re terrified they’re coming for your car next. Good thing autolocks can help you out in several ways.

Should I get new locks for my car?

Replacing the car locks isn’t something most people often think about. Just as with any other lock in your life when it has been compromised you might want to have it changed.
Besides cutting new keys for your vehicle, automotive locksmiths are able to change your car’s locks, including the ignition lock.
When the keys to your home have been lost or stolen you might look at changing the locks to your house. The car is no different. By replacing the locks of your car you help to ensure that those missing keys can’t be used to break in or steal your property.

Why you should get a full lock replacement

Simply replacing your stolen keys might seem like a sound economical choice, but in the long run and for security’s sake it’s not the best one. If you are truly certain that your car keys were stolen and not lost, then someone out there still has that key.

Unless you change your locks, that person still has the potential to threaten your security by stealing your car. That’s why many car insurance companies will require you to change the locks on your car. After all, they’re on the hook for compensating you when your car is stolen so they have a vested interest in the security of your car. It’s always a good idea to check with them when your car keys have been stolen.

Our Lost or Stolen Car Keys Replacement Services in The South East

Stolen keys are not unusual, but the occurrence can put you in an uncomfortable position. If you are in The South East and in need of replacement keys for your vehicle, autolocks LTD is always available to provide you a fast and sure service.

Over the years, we have become recognised within and around The South East for helping vehicle owners who have misplaced their keys or had them stolen. Misplacing or having your car key stolen no longer has to be a terrifying incident because you can trust us to provide you with a new replacement set in minutes. Be it a new or a far older vehicle model, we are very capable of helping you get new keys. We are available all over The South East and its environs to replace your stolen or misplaced keys with a replacement set.

By getting in touch with us, you can promptly stop worrying about your misplaced keys. Contact us now on 07946705894 for a swift and professional assistance.

Expert & Professional

Every member of the autolocks LTD team is an expert with the latest training to ensure that you get a fully satisfying service. With our years of experience, we have the capability to build a new and fully functional key for any car model and type. Asidefrom our technical knowhow, all our engineers are also friendly and respectful when communicating with clients.

To prevent complications down the road, we only use the best available equipment and materials to create replacements for stolen or lost keys. You can be fully confident that a replacement key provided by us will perform wonderfully with your car. Thousands of car owners have regained access to their vehicles thanks to us and we’d like to offer you the same service, regardless of your location, in or around The South East. Within 30 minutes or less of contacting us, we can be at your location to help you back into your car. Give us a call today for new car keys.

The type of key you are looking to repair or replace will influence how much the service will cost.

Emergency Auto Locksmith in The South East

If you have a car key emergency, autolocks LTD is available to provide you a replacement at any hour of the day. We provide this service so you’ll never be unduly stuck without access to your car when you need it. A call to us will ensure you quickly regain access to your vehicle and can continue with your day.

Regardless the time of day or night, an autolocks LTD expert can be at your side to help you back into your car and back on the road. Never again do you have to be stuck because you have lost your keys, as long as you contact us.

Mobile Auto Locksmith in The South East

Our lost or stolen car keys replacement service can be provided to you in any part of The South East you need it. Our services cover all parts of The South East including, to some extent, its outskirts.
If you are missing your car keys, we can have a fresh replacement set delivered to anywhere in The South East within less than 30 minutes.

You will not have to come to our shop as we can create a replacement for your lost key on the spot. Finding replacement keys for your misplaced or stolen car keys has never been more stress-free than with autolocks LTD.

Vehicles We Make Replacement Car Keys For

At autolocks LTD, we make sure all our specialists have their skills frequently updated with the latest breakthroughs in our industry. By staying constantly updated with the latest in car security technology, we maintain the expertise needed to work on a wide variety of car types and models. Our services cover a wide variety of vehicles including cars, vans, lorries, trucks, HGVs, and more. Trust us to provide you with a replacement key that will work perfectly with your brand new modern car, or your older model vehicle.

Car Brands and Models

Some of the car brands and models we commonly make replacement keys for in The South East include:

We can provide you a replacement key for any of the aforementioned brands regardless of their make or year. Do you want new keys delivered to you fast? Please give us a call now on 07946705894.

Vehicles types we replace car keys for

If you have a spare key in your possession, we can use that to craft you a replacement key. Or, we can create a replacement key by first dismantling the ignition of your vehicle. Whichever process we use to craft you a replacement key, you have our word that no harm will befall your vehicle. And we can also program the new key to pair and function seamlessly with your vehicle’s immobiliser. Our experts can provide you a replacement key regardless of whether you drive a van, lorry, car, truck, or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV). Asidefrom having your replacement key delivered to you in little to no time, we can provide it at a far lesser price than what’s generally quoted by a dealership.

  • Basic Keys

    This older type of key generally consists of a single physical key which is meant for unlocking the car as well as for the ignition.

  • Keys with Transponders and key programming

    Most cars after 1995 come with keys with transponders and we can easily provide you with a replacement for such. Such keys will be programmed by us to work seamlessly with your engine control unit.

  • Remote Keys / Car Key Fobs

    Our advanced cloning device makes it possible and hassle-free to provide you with a secure replacement for your missing key fob or remote key. This service can be provided to you fast, regardless of your location in The South East.

  • Key Cards / Slot (Dash) Keys

    We are also very familiar with creating replacements for lost or stolen Key Cards / Slot (Dash) Keys for various vehicle models.

  • Proximity Keys

    This type of key allows you lock or unlock your car conveniently via a remote system. We can provide you with a new one if yours becomes misplaced and have it paired with your vehicle.

  • Spare Car Keys

    Spare car keys can be a real lifesaver and we can provide you with as many spares as you need in a matter of minutes. By keeping your spare in a strategic location, you can easily access it if your originals get misplaced or stolen.

  • Non-destructive entry

    Our expert key replacement technicians can get into your vehicle and replace your key with non-destructive techniques to ensure that your car suffers no harm. Non-destructive entry techniques we commonly use include: ECU reprogramming, Key cloning, and Transponder reprogramming How we access your vehicle will be dependent on the unique security features of the vehicle. Our expertise as auto locksmiths makes us the right choice in The South East, whenever you lose your vehicle keys. Contact us now for an appointment with one of our technicians.

Get in touch with us today on 07946705894 for a free and accurate quote instantly. Trust in autolocks LTD for the best prices on quality replacement keys.

How much does a replacement car key cost?

We want all our The South East clients to be able to get a replacement key fast and at a reduced cost, which is why we offer our services at some of the most competitive prices in The South East. You could spend as low as £80 to get a perfectly working replacement key within 30 minutes of contacting us.

Call our helpline and get an instant quote!

Call us today on 07946705894 to get an instant, free, no obligation quote. We promise that our quality services are offered only at the friendliest possible prices.

30minute response or less

Because we respond to calls quickly, we can get you back into your vehicle within 30 minutes or less of contacting us. This service is available to everyone in The South East regardless of their location. Depending on how close you are, we could even be with you within 15 minutes! Let the The South East car key replacement experts you can trust get you back inside your car as soon as possible.


Call us with the following information:

Take advantage of our high-quality key replacement services by calling 07946705894 now and providing us with the following information: make and model of your car, your contact number, your location, and registration number of your car.

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