App-connected cars are making life ever more convenient for drivers, but the Vauxhalls coming out this year and next are really setting the pace.

The “My Vauxhall” app connects to Vauxhall Onstar, a feature current Vauxhall owners are already enjoying.  The latest version of the app, however, offers even more futuristic convenience in more than one way.

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Control Your Auto Locks from My Vauxhall

New cars coming out this year and next that have connectivity should all have certain basic functions controllable via smartphone by now.  First and foremost is the ability to lock or unlock your vehicle from your phone’s app.

Vauxhall doesn’t disappoint, and My Vauxhaul can not only lock and unlock the doors, they can locate the vehicle as well.  This is another basic feature that consumers expect from car apps now.

Find Your Vauxhall From Your Phone

One of the most popular benefits of the “locate” feature is the help it offers in crowded car parks.  Upon returning to parking after shopping, traveling, working our eating out, drivers can activate the car’s horn and lights with the simple push of a button on their phones.

Programme Your Next Trip Through the Vauxhall App

Everyone already knows that navigation is a cinch these days, but now it’s even more user-friendly, especially for Vauxhall drivers.  Now, through the app, drivers can plan their routes ahead of time and then send directions to the car’s navigation system from anywhere.

That means no more sitting in the vehicle pressing buttons to set your nav system before you head out.  Do it the night before from your couch so you can get a good head start the next morning.  It’s called “Send Destination”.

There’s another way to load your navigation system for trips, and that’s by adding addresses directly from your smartphone’s address book.

Vauxhall OnStar Offers Great Connectivity

OnStar isn’t brand new, but many of these app features are, so with each new upgrade the convenience and peace of mind offered just keep getting better.

The OnStar “guardian angel” feels more like a person inside the car with you, than a machine.  That’s because it is… advisors at a central office can take care of everything from navigation to helping drivers respond to crashes.

When you’re in a crash, OnStar can detect the severity and contact the appropriate emergency services, if necessary.  Your guardian angel is notified when your airbags deploy, and he or she can contact emergency services for you.

Here are a few more treats Vauxhall drivers can expect:

  • emails from their “guardian angel”, informing them of engine health
  • the vehicle becomes a 4G/LTE Wi-Fi hotspot
  • connect up to seven devices inside the vehicle as well as outside
  • download travel destinations directly to the navigation system, which is factory-installed, not third-party or aftermarket installed
  • fewer parking tickets… a timer to remind drivers when parking time periods are about to end
  • never lose your car in a parking lot again: Vehicle Location even takes a picture of where your car is parked

One-Touch Help With Directions

The OnStar system now features, thanks to this latest upgrade, live directions from assistants speaking your language.  The service is good anywhere in Europe, and drivers may use the service for help with things like:

  • finding the nearest filling station
  • directions to the nearest Mexican restaurant

Awards and Accolations for Vauxhall OnStar

One of the deciding factors in these awards was the fact that Vauxhall took what was previously considered to be a set of premium features and made them available to a broad audience.  All Vauxhall car models will feature OnStar, which is used with the My Vauxhall app to take advantage of all these wonderful benefits.

That means, anyone purchasing a new Vauxhall can look forward to remote control of auto locks, a wi-fi hotspot, super smart navigation system features, and crash response that calls the ambulance for you, if you need it.  It’s no wonder they won these awards… innovation made even better when it’s available to everyone.

These are amazing and innovative developments for Vauxhall drivers.  But keep in mind that no matter how advanced onboard vehicle technology may become, autolocks Ltd. is always there to help you out of a jam.  Old or new technology, we have the equipment and the expertise to get you into your vehicle and back onto the road again.