Replacement Car Keys Bromley

Fast & Affordable Car Key Replacement Service In Bromley

If you’ve misplaced your car keys or have lost your car keys, don’t panic – we can help. We offer a replacement service to a wide range of models, makes and types and our staff are happy to talk you through the process over the phone before you book so that you know exactly what to expect.

Our mobile technicians can be at your location within 30 minutes. Whenever you need your car keys replaced fast, you can always count on the team at AutoLocks. Call us on 07946705894 today to get a free estimate or to find out more.

AutoLocks Ltd Car Replacement Key Service

Quickly and properly replace your keys with AutoLocks replacement car key service. We offer a fast, reliable and convenient service. By using the latest equipment, we can cut, program and duplicate any type of car key by the roadside in 30 minutes or less, saving you time and money.

Whether you’ve misplaced your car keys, or need a spare made, we’re able to offer a high quality, low cost, same-day car key replacement service.

We use the latest computerised programming equipment that enables us to make vehicle specific transponder key and remote control fobs to the highest quality despite our low prices. We also offer an after-hours emergency locksmith service 24/7 for customers with security problems or anyone who is locked out of their vehicle.

AutoLocks has been servicing customers in the Bromley area for 10 years, so feel free to let us help you with your car key replacement and vehicle locksmith requirements. Call 07946705894 now.

24/7 Emergency Auto Locksmith Bromley

Being unable to find your car keys or use them can be bothersome, especially if you can’t find help. It is for this reason that we make our services accessible to you, regardless of your location in the Bromley area, within 30 minutes of your contacting us. Our services are at your disposal 24/7, all throughout the year. Give us a call now on 07946705894 for emergency service or book an appointment for a time most convenient for you.

Call Our Auto Locksmiths – The Best Way To Get Replacement Car Keys Quickly

What if getting a new car key was as easy as pressing a button? Easy! Just call an auto locksmith. We make the process of getting a replacement key quick and painless – all while saving you time and money.

The expense of taking a car to the dealership to have new keys made is going to be expensive and take time. Instead, give us a call. We will come right over – usually within 30 minutes – and make you a set of new car keys at a very reasonable price.

Our locksmiths can be at your rescue 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! To learn more about our replacement car key service, call 07946705894 to chat with one of our team.



What Are the Types of Car Keys We Can Cut & Replace?

Different car models tend to come with different key types. The difference among key types is often more distinctive between different car brands. General key types we normally fix and repair include remote key fobs, key cards, basic keys, keys with transponders, and proximity keys. 

We will help with a car key related problem by first entering your car without damaging it and then examining its lock. In no time, we can craft a new key for you right there and then. Thanks to us, getting a new key or having your car key repaired has never been easier. We can cut, repair or replace any kind of car key in Bromley.

  • Standard Car Keys
  • Remotes Car Keys / Electronic Chips / Key Fobs
  • ‘Keyless’ Entry Fobs
  • Transponder Keys
  • Classic Car Keys
  • Bus Keys
  • Van Keys
  • Truck Keys
  • Caravan Keys
  • Motorcycle / Motorbike Keys
  • Tibbe Keys
  • Valet Keys

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Car Keys?

If you’ve lost your car keys, the cost of a car key replacement varies depending on key design, fob type and programming.

AutoLocks can replace keys with the minimum of fuss and at a price that is likely to be lower than you’ll find elsewhere. Our technicians do all replacement using OE parts so you know you are getting the best.

Get in touch today to get a free, no-obligation quote. Call 07946705894 now.

How Long Does it Take to Replace Car Keys?

At AutoLocks, we’re proud to say that we offer a 30-minute replacement car key service. Not only that, but our locksmiths will always try to meet your time requirement and use advanced remote technology to communicate with any vehicle’s chipped key fob. It’s this commitment to our customer service that sets us apart from all of the other auto locksmith services in Bromley.

If you have lost, broken or have worn keys and you want to order replacements in the quickest and easiest way, please call us AutoLocks on 07946705894.

Why Choose AutoLocks Ltd?

We can work on all vehicle manufacturers and models

Our technicians are available 24 hours/7 days a week to provide you with our professional mobile services. We supply normal car keys, remote car keys, and also electronic chip keys for all makes and models.

We follow manufacturer security processes

We comply with all manufacturer security process checks. By following all the security processes, we make sure your car is secure as possible. When you choose AutoLocks, you can be confident that your car will be secure.

We use the latest dealer equipment wherever possible

Rest assured, our auto locksmith can replace any car key you may have lost or broken. Our team of technicians will come to your location, with the proper tools and expertise. We offer competitive prices; our mission is to make sure all your car locks are protected.

We offer a 24/7 call-out service

To make your life easier, we offer a 24/7 call-out service so we can get a replacement key for you as soon as possible. Based in Bromley, we are a highly experienced family business with an impressive list of auto locksmiths within our network. We are renowned for our key cutting and programming skills.

We have trained technicians with DBS background-check

We are dedicated to providing you with dependable, high-quality auto locksmith services at competitive prices. Our technicians are DBS background-checked and take pride in being experts in their field.

Our Guarantee

As auto locksmiths, we understand just how vital it is for you to be in touch with our 24-hour emergency service.

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We are trustworthy and reliable specialists, ready to help in case you break or lose your car keys. We know that situations like these require immediate response, that’s why we are ready to fulfil all your requests in just 45 minutes. You can call us even on a Sunday or a Christmas Eve and receive care and immediate response!

Need help? Talk to Our Technicians

We have technicians on hand to answer any queries 24 hours a day

For an Auto Locksmith Bromley Contact Us

AutoLocks is a reliable locksmith service in Bromley that provides affordable replacement car keys and automotive locksmith services. Our expert technicians have earned their reputation through years of providing excellent locksmith services to homes, offices, and car owners.

We offer same day and emergency services to all our customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are locked out of your car, or you need to replace lost or broken vehicle keys, our engineers can help.


Will I have to change my car locks if my keys are lost?

You don’t need to change locks when your keys are lost on most modern vehicles. Our locksmiths can reconfigure these existing systems so that you can start the engine and unlock the doors remotely using a button on your key fob or keyless remote.

Can I get a car key made without the original?

Yes, you can get a new key made for your car without the original. At AutoLocks we can program new car keys regardless of whether the original is available.

Do I need to take my car to the locksmith?

No need to call a tow truck or have your vehicle towed to the locksmith shop if you locked your keys in your car. We can get into your car in minutes. Our auto locksmith service is available virtually anywhere and anytime in Bromley. Our locksmith will make you a new key but will require proof of ownership and the vehicle’s registration.

How do I know if my car has a transponder key?

Your key has a transponder chip if your car was made after 1995 and your ignition system is electronic. A transponder key is a special type of key that your car, truck, or SUV came with from the manufacturer. It helps your security system identify the key and start the ignition. Most vehicles that have a transponder-key system also have a regular (non-transponder) remote entry system, with which you can unlock the door or open the trunk.

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