Ford Car Key Replacements

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Ford Key Replacement

Our Ford auto locksmiths offer fast mobile car key replacements in London & Kent, from Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm. Our specialist Ford locksmiths have the expertise to handle any car key, lock or transponder problem. We have years of experience as professional auto locksmiths and are well known for fast replacements for stolen, broken or lost Ford car keys.

Ford Auto Locksmith

There is nothing worse than the heart sinking feeling of reaching into your pocket to grab your Ford car keys, and they are lost. Here at AutoLocks we deal with customers who have lost their vehicle keys on a daily basis, so when you are in need of an auto locksmith we are the experts to call. If your Ford key can’t be copied, we will always help you to find a solution. So if you require replacement Ford car keys, call the team at AutoLocks today, we can answer any questions you may have. 

Many people may take their keys for granted and lose them, so at AutoLocks Kent we make it possible for Ford customers to get back into their vehicles. Our specialists are equipped with all of the required tools and knowledge that is needed to meet your Ford car key replacement requirements.

Ford Key Replacement

Replace your Lost Ford Key

If you are currently stuck outside of your car, as you have lost your Ford car keys, then you can trust the team at AutoLocks Kent to get you back in your car and on the road in no time. Our team of mobile auto locksmiths will be with you as soon as possible to open your Ford car. Our expert team of car lock specialists will use the most advanced lock picking methods to unlock you Ford vehicles with ZERO damage. 

Should you have an older model Ford car that uses a Tibbe Key we will not even need to remove the lock. Once one of our lock specialists has successfully unlocked your door, we can use a decoder tool to read the lock  and then cut you a new Ford key. We would then plug a key programming machine into your car to program your new Ford key so it connects with your vehicle’s immobiliser and starts the car.

Locked out of your car? In need of a Ford key replacement? Call our team today, we can offer the best solution to your problem. 

Ford Lost Key Cost

We want all our clients to be able to get a replacement key fast and at a reduced cost, which is why we offer our services at some of the most competitive prices. You could spend as little as £90 to get a perfectly working replacement key within 30 minutes of contacting us.

Ford Key Replacements

Our Ford Car Key Services

No matter what your reasons are for needing a new Ford car key, our team can offer you a solution that works. Our services include:

  • Spare Ford Keys – It isn’t wise to drive your car on just one key, it is inevitable that at some point you might lose your car key at the worst timing. Our spare key service will help ease your mind, meaning you’ll know that there is an extra key stored in a safe place.
  • Stolen or Lost Ford Keys – Should you have misplaced your key, or worse had it stolen, your vehicle is at risk. We can offer a same day mobile service for erasing stolen car keys to ensure that your Ford vehicle is safe from theft. 
  • Fast Assistance – Have you accidentally locked your keys in your Ford car? Don’t worry our auto locksmiths can gain entrance to your car in a non destructive manner.
  • Broken Ford Key Repair – Over time keys can become worn and difficult to use in the locks. Our team of specialists can cut new blades and make your Ford key operate like new.
Ford Key Lock

Why Call AutoLocks for Lost Ford Car Keys?

Our specialist locksmith experts will ensure that your new Ford keys are of the best quality. Our team has undergone a range of training that includes Ford key cutting solutions for both auto and car keys.

No matter the type of key, size or number of new Ford car keys that you require, AutoLocks team is the professional team to call on and will match your every need and requirement.