Fiat Lost/Stolen Car Key

Have you lost your Fiat car key?

If you require a new key our specialist technician will work on site to provide you with a replacement there and then. If you have lost all of your keys we will dismantle the lock in order to cut you a new key.

We guarantee your vehicle will not be damaged during this process and best of all we can gain entry to your car and hand over your new key in as little as 30 minutes.

Our specialist experts have all the essential training and tools required to get you back in your Fiat and on the road!

I’ve lost my spare Fiat car key

All of our work is done on site eliminating the high costs and long wait times that come with returning to your main car dealer for your replacement Fiat key.

Looking for a fast and cost effective Fiat key replacement service? You have come to the right place.

How we programme a Fiat Remote Car Key

We can also repair damaged keys to prevent an issue becoming a problem and programme keys so that they work with your vehicles immobiliser.

  • Fait 500
  • Fiat Bravo
  • Fiat Doblo

  • Fiat Panda
  • Fiat Punto
  • Fiat Scudo
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