Renault Lost or Stolen Car Keys

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The Renault Lost or Stolen Keys Solution for the South East

Can’t find the keys to your Renault? It has happened to many people in the past! When you have lost your car keys, you will need a replacement quickly so that you don’t get stranded for long.
We will get you back into your car by quickly producing a new key for you. The style of remote or transmitter or the electronic key fob will not prevent us from providing you with new keys as we can work on all Renault models.

Were your car keys stolen by a pick pocket?

Make it difficult for the perpetrators of the car key theft to get back into your vehicle later by changing the car locks or rekeying the existing one. Changed car locks or rekeyed ones mean that your old keys will no longer work with your car when someone attempts to use them. Changing your locks in this situation is your best bet in ensuring that no one can steal from your car later or even drive the car away. It doesn’t matter the situation you find yourself in, because you can trust us to provide you with the replacement key for your Renault car.

You can trust us to provide you with the solutions to all lost or stolen Renault car key problems because we are a real and comprehensive service provider. We know how disconcerting it can be to notice that you have lost your car keys and we know that it can be expensive to replace these keys with certain providers. It is for this reason that we have extended our services to the South East.

You don’t have to cope with main dealers and their excesses anymore! With us, you won’t have to remain stranded for more than 30 minutes. We know how to get into your car to provide a new key without any damages. We are up to date with all Renault locks technologies which means that we can generate new keys for you in minutes.

Professionalism and unrivalled expertise

When you choose autolocks to help provide the solution to your lost or stolen car key, you are making a wise decision as we have been tried and tested for years. Our list of past happy clients is very lengthy and we can’t wait to add you to it. Our level of professionalism is instantly apparent from when you first call us to end of the project.

It is also important to note that we will always be schedule. As our customer, you will never remain stranded for long because we have a policy that ensures you won’t be kept waiting for more than half an hour. When we get to your destination, you can be certain that we will solve any problems you might have without any delays or second trips because we always come prepared. When compared to the standard rates charged by everyday main dealers, our rates are highly affordable. Call us today on 07946705894 to enjoy a truly professional service.

Need help? Talk to Our Technicians

The type of key you are looking to repair or replace will influence how much the service will cost.

24-Hour Emergency Renault Locksmith in the South East

Most of the time, your car keys will go missing at the worst possible moment – when you won’t have the luxury of waiting for a long, drawn-out solution. You will most likely need the services of a car lock solution provider who won’t take ages to respond. You should never be stranded and exposed for long because you can’t find your car keys. Call our emergency Renault locks service and you can be certain that we will come to your aid. This is regardless of where you may be in the South East.

The Trusted Renault Locksmith in the South East

As soon as you notice that your car keys have gone missing, the very first thing that will come to your mind is the probability of getting quick help. When you are faced with this situation, the best solution you can wish for is a mobile locksmith that can drive down to where you are stuck in the South East. We are a truly mobile locksmith solution in the South East that you can count on to drive down to you when you can’t find your car keys. We always aim to arrive within half an hour!

Expert Renault Car Key Replacement Service

Our car key replacement solution Here at autolocks is exactly what you need when your car keys have been lost or stolen.

Here at autolocks, we fully understand the need for you to have a case of lost or stolen car keys resolved very quickly, so we make sure to deliver a quick and pocket-friendly service. Without a car key replacement service like ours, your options may involve the long and arduous process of going to a dealership for new keys. Why subject yourself to that stress when you have a company that knows exactly how to generate new keys on the spot? We always deliver the exact solution you need, at a price you most definitely can afford.

What to expect after you’ve called

Your first call to us is very important because it is during this point that we will understand the task at hand and your Renault car model to ensure we do a fantastic job at the first time of asking. At the end of the consultation process, we will send out a Renault expert to you immediately. On arrival, the locksmith will carefully examine the vehicle for the best possible way to gain entrance into the car without damaging it, examine the lock and then hand you over new keys. That’s all it takes to get you back in your car!

  • Cars with Transponders

    Most Renault cars made from the late 90s and beyond will have a transponder chip and immobiliser inside the car keys. With such Renault models, all we need to do is to remove the codes on the immobiliser and then connect the new transponder and keys and set them to now control the car engine. When the immobiliser and transponder has been immobilised, you can start using your new car keys.

Renault Models We Can Work On

With us at autolocks, you don’t need to worry whether we can replace your stolen car keys, because we have what it takes to work on a variety of car key models. The major models we have worked on include: Renault C1, Renault C4, Renault C4 Picasso, Renault Ds3, Renault Ds4 and Renault Ds5.

Call us with the following information:

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Call us today on 07946705894 to enjoy a truly professional service.


How long does it take for you to send someone?

From the time we finalise discussions on what you need and give you a quote, to when the car lock specialist will be at your front door, you won’t have to wait for more than half an hour.

Do you have the right insurance?

Yes, we are a fully insured brand.

Is it compulsory to pay upfront?

There is no mandatory upfront payment with us.

How will I pay?

We offer a wide range of payment options including cash and card. Whatever your specific needs might be, give us a call to discuss them.

Can you send someone to my area?

If you live in the South East or nearby areas, we can bring our services to you.

How do I get the replacement car key for my car?

If you need to quickly replace your old keys, simply get in touch with a qualified Honda locks expert and you can have a new key made within minutes. At AutoLocks, we are experienced in all things Honda locks and we are always one phone call away from easing your stress.

How much will I pay for a new car key?

There are a few factors that can influence how much you will pay for your new car key. For example, you can most expect to pay a slightly higher fee for a key that has a transponder and chip in comparison to one that is just a normal car key. To know the exact amount it would cost you to get your new car keys, call us immediately for a free quote.