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Car key repair

Broken car keys are one thing, but when your lock is damaged you need real experts. AutoLocks send out professional, expert technicians who can help you with any damaged car lock, no matter what type of vehicle you have.

AutoLocks has fully trained technicians with the most modern equipment for fixing car locks on most car models (see our list). Since each manufacturer does things a bit differently, there’s no single cure-all for car key repair, which is why you need experts like ours.

How to… Car key repair?

OH, the things that can go wrong with your car lock. Good thing AutoLocks can handle them all!

I’ve broken my car lock. What to do now?

Modern cars are not simple, and that goes double for their central locking systems. When something goes wrong, you’ll need an experienced car locksmith at your side for expert car key repair.

Faulty ignition barrels are really no problem for us- we fix them every day! We also remove or change car locks all day long, 24/7. We’ll come to where you car is located, whether that’s on the road or parked in front of your home.

Call us with the following information:

  • Contact Number
    if your car is in a car park etc

  • Make and Model

  • The current location of your car
    please include postcode is possible
  • Registration Number

Our work is done on site (your site!) with mobile equipment that goes anywhere and allows our car specialist locksmiths to fix any lock, any key, and any ignition.

If you live in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex and Hertfordshire you’re in luck: AutoLocks covers those areas. We can be there 30 to 40 minutes and have your key replaced.

We cover London and Kent

What happens after you call Autolocks

Well send out one of our car locksmith specialists and he’ll be at your side in 30 to 40 minutes, ready to solve your car lock issues.

Once he’s arrived, you’re just three steps away from getting your day back on track. The AutoLocks locksmith will:

  • Carefully enter your car
  • Examine your lock
  • Create a new key
  • Send you on your way

We have technicians on hand to answer any queries 24 hours a day

Get proactive about car key repair…

Call us even if you haven’t reached an emergency state yet. Have you noticed that your key often gets stuck, or it’s becoming more and more difficult to turn? Those are both signs that you may be about to have a car key repair emergency!

Call us before you get to that stage and we’ll send someone out to diagnose your problems. No need to worry!

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