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Our Morgan Key Replacement Services

Having your car keys stolen, or misplacing them, can be very inconvenient. But AutoLocksLTD can minimise your inconvenience by quickly delivering replacement Morgan keys to you in the South East of England. Getting a replacement key for your Morgan from a main dealer is usually expensive, but our services can minimise the cost of such a service by up to 75%. Not only is our replacement key service less costly, it is quick and hassle-free for all.

We can put a new set of fully functional Morgan keys in your hands within 30 minutes after you call us. Our services are at your disposal irrespective of the Morgan model you drive. All of our Morgan key specialists are highly qualified and possess the latest tools to put control of your car back in your hands with a new set of keys. We are the reliable auto locksmiths in the South East you can depend on for emergency services regardless of the hour or day. Our technicians can also program and reprogram your Morgan transponder key fob if needed. If you want to regain access to your Morgan without any damage to your vehicle, give us a call today on 020 8304 2852.

Expert & Professional

We are experienced Morgan key specialists who have been assisting clients for many years. When car keys get lost, stolen, or damaged, we are the ones Morgan owners in the South East confidently call for help.

Regaining access to your car after losing your keys has never been easier or faster due to our professionally delivered services. With us, you never need to worry about receiving anything less than the quality of service you need, when you need it, from polite experts. We are able to distinguish ourselves from other Morgan key experts in the South East by ensuring that we are constantly updated with the latest concerning Morgan car key technology.

As well as providing you with assistance, regardless of whether your Morgan is an older or newer model. Our specialised tools mean you can get a replacement key fast. Call us now to book a service and we can be with you within half an hour of your call.

24 Emergency Auto Locksmith in the South East of England

We are available around the clock in the South East to provide Morgan key replacement services. Our services are also accessible all year round, seven days a week. This makes it possible for you to get in contact with us whenever necessary, especially in emergency circumstances. No matter where in the South East you are, we can deliver your replacement key to you within half an hour or less. Our services are fast and we deliver only quality results.

You have our guarantee that our service will save you money, is hassle-free, and can be provided at your convenience.

Mobile Auto Locksmith in the South East of England

When a reliable Morgan locksmith is needed in the South East, we are the first choice for many. Over the years, our services have helped many Morgan owners out of trouble and we can be there for you too if you ever have a car key related issue. We can be trusted for a replacement key service that delivers the best results at friendly prices. If you have lost or broken your key, don’t hesitate to call us immediately for a great deal on a new key for your Morgan with zero hassle.

Lost or Stolen Car Key Replacement in the South East

Stolen or misplaced car keys can be a huge hassle, especially if you don’t have a spare. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry for long as AutoLocksLTD is here to provide you with a replacement. Regardless of how you lost your key or where you are in the South East, we can provide you with a new set of keys fast and without damaging your car in any way.

If you call us now, we can be with you within half an hour or less to provide you with a new key. After years in the field, we have acquired useful experience and techniques to help us get around and solve problems arising from losing your Morgan’s keys. We can create a replacement key by duplicating a spare in your possession. If you don’t own a spare, we can craft a replacement key by dismantling the lock of your vehicle. We can also program a replacement key if needed to work with your vehicle’s immobiliser. Have you misplaced your Morgan car key? Give us a call now to get a new one fast at a friendly price.

Our service is guaranteed hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

Morgan Vehicles We Make Replacement Car Keys For

We’ve worked with a variety of Morgan vehicle types over the years, including cars, vans, lorries, trucks, and so on.

Asidefrom the Morgan Ds4 and Ds5, we are also experienced in providing replacement keys for the Morgan C1, the Morgan C4, the Morgan C4 Picasso, and the Morgan Ds3. Contact us today with your vehicle’s details to verify if we can help with your specific Morgan model.

Morgan Car Key types we replace

Different Morgan models make use of different key types. Regardless of the key type of your Morgan, you can be rest assured that we can provide you with a perfect replacement. Be it a basic key, key with a transponder, a remote key, a key card/slot (dash) key, or proximity key, we can deliver.

Spare Car Keys

A spare key for your Morgan can be very useful especially if you can make use of it when you actually need it. It is for this reason we advise that you always have at least one spare of your Morgan’s key. You can get a spare from us today within a short time and at a friendly price. And this service is available for all Morgan key types. Get a free quote now for a spare key by dialling 020 8304 2852.

Trust us for a hassle free service provided at a friendly price as well as at your convenience.

How much does a replacement car key cost?

Getting a replacement key for your Morgan can be an expensive venture when you visit a major dealer in the South East. AutoLocksLTD can deliver to you a replacement key for your Morgan at a price that’s up to 75% lower than what’s charged by most main dealers. From as little as £90, we can provide you a perfect replacement key.

Call our helpline and get an instant quote!

You can get a no obligation quote the instant you dial 020 8304 2852. We assure you that the provided quote will be fair.

30m response or less

Our Morgan key specialists can be with you within 30 minutes or less of contacting us, regardless of your location in the South East. You never need to look further than us when you need a Morgan replacement key, fast.

Car key replacement and programming while you wait

We have helped Morgan owners in a variety of instances solve problems stemming from the loss of their car keys. We can dismantle your vehicle’s lock and build you a new key from there. Or if you have a spare key, we could simply clone and duplicate that.

The replacement key will also be properly programmed to ensure it works without a hitch with the immobiliser installed in your vehicle. The entire process from start to finish can be over in minutes. We are the Morgan lock experts you can always rely on for fast and quality service.

Call us with the following information:

Before we get started on providing you with a replacement key, all we need are the make, model, and registration number of your vehicle, as well as your location and contact number. We can be reached on 020 8304 2852 24/7, all year round.

Contact Number


Make and Model

Registration Number


How long will it take until I am back on the road?

AutoLocksLTD can provide you with a new and fully functional key and have you back on the road within thirty minutes or less regardless of your location in or around the South East.

I’ve lost my car keys and I’m in a rush, how quickly can you help me?

In the event thatyou misplace the keys to your Morgan, we can have an auto locksmith at your location in the South East within 15-30 minutes to provide you with a replacement.

Will my car be damaged in the process of retrieving my keys?

We promise your car won’t be damaged while we assist you. We can get into your Morgan without so much as scratching it and provide you with a replacement key thanks to our expertise and state of the art tools.

My car keys are lost, what happens if I find them again after you’ve provided a new set, will they still work?

If we haven’t changed your key lock, your old key may still work. But if changes were made to your key lock, then your old key will no longer work with your car.

My car keys have been stolen, what should I do?

If the keys to your Morgan have been stolen, proceed with the following steps: Promptly put a wheel lock on your car Replace your key locks and get new keys by contacting us. Report your stolen keys to the police. Watch out in case the thief returns to attempt using the key. Call your insurance provider.

I spoke to my main dealer and they said I need a replacement ECU/Immobiliser, why?

Transponder keys are a regular feature of vehicles manufactured after 1995. The transponder key improves a car’s security by ensuring that only the key paired with the car can be used with the car. But if your keys are stolen or you misplace them, we have sophisticated equipment as well as the knowhow to help you craft a new one and program it to pair with your vehicle. With our key programming service, there really isn’t any need to go through the cost of changing out your ECU/Immobiliser. This is because we’ll simply switch out the existing immobiliser codes and pair your new keys and transponder units to your vehicle’s engine control unit based on the new codes.

I’ve broken my car key in the lock and now it’s stuck, what shall I do?

Simply contact us at AutoLocksLTD by dialling 020 8304 2852 and we will have one of our technicians at your location within 30minutes or less, to provide you a replacement key.

Will you be cheaper than going back to the main dealer?

Working with us instead of your main dealer can save you up to 75% on the cost of replacing your lost or stolen Morgan keys.

Can you provide new keys for all Morgan makes and models?

Our experts can deliver replacement keys for Morgan models like the Morgan C1, Morgan C4, Morgan C4 Picasso, Morgan Ds3, Morgan Ds4, and the Morgan Ds5

If you’re fixing my car keys at the roadside how will I know it’s you?

All of our technicians are uniformed so that you can easily identify them as one of ours. We also make use of identity cards. Replace your stolen or lost Morgan keys today by dialling 020 8304 2852 for AutoLocksLTD now.

Rest assured that our service can be provided at your convenience and is both stress free and pocket-friendly.