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#Help I’ve lost my Peugeot car keys

Peugeot Replacement Car Keys

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Have you lost your Peugeot car key?

Along with replacements we also provide Peugeot key repair and programming so if you have damaged your key of your lock is malfunctioning we will come to you and get to work on resolving your problem and get you back on the road.

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How to Programme a Peugeot Remote Car Key?

Our specialist experts have all the essential training and tools required to get you back in your Peugeot and on the road!

I’ve lost my spare Peugeot car key

Most people would think the only option is to contact the main car dealer but thankfully, that isn’t the case. Unlike main dealers who often have to get keys from mainland Europe, a process that can take days, AutoLocks can have a fully trained technician with you in as little as 30 minutes to create you a new key.

We sell Peugeot Remote Car Keys

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AutoLocks offer a Peugeot key replacement, repair and programming service that won’t involve the long waits and high costs that will come from your main car dealer.

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How we programme a Peugeot Remote Car Key

Using the most up to day technology our auto locksmiths can either cut a replacement from a spare or create a new key from the lock. Auto locks also offer the added benefit of doing all of our work on site, whether that be at home, work or on the side of the road. This will help you avoid costly roadside recovery services.

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Peugeot Hints & Hacks

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1. Turn the ignition to ON position using the first key.
2. Press the LOCK button for 10 seconds.
3. Remove key and wait for 10 seconds.
4. Check Plip key operation.
5. Repeat for seconds Plip key if required.
6. Turn ignition OFF.

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1. Turn the ignition switch to the accessory position using the key. without the remote plip attached.
2. Hold the plip key close to the central locking receiver mounted in the roof console.
3. Press the large Plip key button, then the small plip button on the remote.
4. Repeat for second Plip key if required.
5. Turn ignition OFF.
6. After 5 seconds, Plip should now operate.

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206 – Central Door Lock with Deadlocking (2 Button Plip Key)
1. Ensure all doors are unlocked using the key.
2. Press and HOLD the large plip key button while the LED flashes continuously for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds press the small deadlock button once while still holding the large button.
3. The LED will stop flashing.
4. Release the large button and the LED with light constantly.
5. Press the large button once, and the LED will go out.
6. Open the door and hold the plip key near the ignition switch, and press the large plip button one time.
7. Turn the ignition ON, an wait 10 seconds then turn ignition OFF.
9. After 5 seconds, Plip should now operate.

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206 – Central Door Lock
1 Button Plip KeyProcedure
1. Ensure all doors are unlocked using the key.
2. Press and hold plip key button until the key.
3. After releasing button, LED will light constantly
4. Press the plib button once, and LED will extinguish.
5. Open the door and hold the plip key near the ignition switch, and press the plip button one time.
6. Turn the ignition ON, and wait 10 seconds then turn ignition OFF
7. After 5 seconds, plip should operate.

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Currently there is a different BSA for each model that peugeot produces. Although the boxes are different, in general they use the same connectors and a large number of the connector pin have the same function.

The BSI is a computer much like the PCs we have at home. Like a PC, when working on any vehicle fitted with a BSI there are certain procedures that must be followed to avoid corruption of the software and loss of pre-programmed settings or memories.

Failure to adhere to the correct procedures can result in a non-start, a loss of configuration or a burnt out BSI. All of which are time consuming to rectify.

BSI activation

The BSI can be woken up by activating certain functions i.e key plip, opening a door or switching on the radio.When woken it switches to full operating mode instantly.

On switching the ignition off it continues working for up to 2 minutes and then shits itself down progressively taking a further 1 minute to do so. At this point its power consumption is approximately 0.02 of an amp and is referred to as being asleep or in ‘standby’/’Power Save’ Mode. If however the driver switched on a consumer with the engine not running. the BSI stays awake for thirty minutes (Economy Mode)

Anything which interrupts the BSI’s shut down operation can cause the problems mentioned in the above introduction.

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