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#Help I’ve lost my Volvo car keys

Volvo Replacement Car Keys

Have you lost your Volvo car key?

All AutoLocks technicians are experts in their field and will cut a replacement Volvo key for you from a spare, or if that is not to hand we can dismantle your car lock and create a new key from there all while guaranteeing no damage to your vehicle.

How to Programme a Volvo Remote Car Key?

AutoLocks are available 24 hours a day for emergency call outs or by appointment.

I’ve lost my spare Volvo car key

We are the only auto locksmith in the South East of England that have the tools and equipment to repair or replace your broken or lost Volvo car key. We can even program and reprogram transponder key fobs, or, when the need arises, enter your vehicle without damage.

If you lose or damage your car key you may think you need to return to your main car dealer to get a replacement, but you don’t! AutoLocks are a fully qualified auto locksmith servicing the London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hertfordshire areas with years of experience helping motorists.

We cover London and Kent

How we programme a Volvo Remote Car Key

We’ve seen many cases of a lost Volvo key and are experts in getting around this problem. We can create a replacement by dismantling the lock and building it out from there or, if you have it to hand, cut a replacement from a spare. We’ll even programme the key to ensure it works with your immobiliser. Volvo models we can help with include:

  • Volvo V40
  • Volvo S60
  • Volvo V60
  • Volvo S80
  • Volvo V70
  • Volvo XC90

Want to learn more? We have some greats tips and hacks for your Volvo

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Volvo Hints & Hacks

1. New Keys – Must be ordered to the vehicle chassis from the dealer. When received the keys will start the car as they are already pre-coded. However the remotes will require programming by following the procedure identified within this manual.

2. Once the 10 key limit has been reached, the addiction of any further keys is prohibited and they ECU has to be replaced.

3. Automatic Vehicles – On vehicles fitted with automatic transmission the start sequence will only be enabled by the EWS3 if the gear selector is in either P or N position.

4. Run On Time – This feature enables the car to be started with any mechanically fitting key within 10 seconds, From the time the ignition key is in the ‘0’ position.

5. New Programmed Key – The first time a newly programmed key is used to start the vehicle, there will be 1-2 second delay. After this initial period the vehicle will start without delay as normal.

6. Remotes – Make a note of which memory locations are being used as this will be important when programming in new remotes.

Existing remotes are normally programmed in the first two memory locations.

If you program a remote into a memory location that is already used, the existing remote in this location will be overwritten. If this happens the only way to re-program the original remote is by having the original bar code information and the following program remote procedure.

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