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The Q2: Audi’s First Crossover Vehicle is Coming Soon

Connectivity, remote door locking with your smartphone, and a sleeker shape define the new Audi Q2. It goes on sale later this summer and everyone here at AutoLocks LTD is gearing up for the excitement.

This Isn’t Audi’s First Rodeo With SUVs

The Q2, which will be offered starting at  £20,230, isn’t the first SUV the German car maker has produced, but it is their first crossover vehicle. The Q series includes three other vehicles, all full-size SUVs.

The smaller size reflects a desire to appeal to younger drivers and businesses. The phone app, which shows driving stats and vehicle health among other functions, appeals to both crowds, as well.

The size is smaller than than the Audi Q3, but larger than the A3 Sportback by Audi, hence the term “crossover” vehicle. It represents the smaller SUV that consumers are beginning to prefer, at least here in the UK and in Europe.

They’re Not New to Car Apps, Either

Audi has maintained a phone app since 2010, when it launched technology that allowed drivers to monitor and record certain car functions and then upload them to a website for tracking.

For example, drivers could see how much Co2 they were saving when they applied energy-efficient driving techniques. Another feature the app monitored was engine RPM.

They could also log trip data when GPS was enabled. Finally, the app could locate their car when they forgot where they’d parked it. However, door locks and ignition capabilities were not part of the app in 2010.

Then in 2015, Audi Launched MMI Connect, but door locking capability was still missing. What did they add?

  • Navigation integrated with Google Maps
  • Music Stream
  • The ability to send geo-coded photos from phone to on-board nav system
  • The ability to navigate to the destinations in those photos (!)

Alas, Still No App for Keyless Entry

Audi has keyless entry, but there’s as of yet no integration with a phone app. For now, drivers will have to stick with the key fob for locking and unlocking the doors and activating the ignition system.

Volvo seems to be the company for progressive thinking in this department, as they’re replacing the car key with a smartphone app. Drivers will be able to access their Volvos and start the car using their app-enabled phones starting in 2017. A few are already on the roads in Sweden, where you can find Sunfleet cars at Gothenburg Airport that feature the keyless (and fobless) Volvos.

Nevertheless, the Q2’s Features Still Sizzle

The Q2 crossover vehicle’s compact SUV size and shape make it an attractive option for urban dwellers who don’t want to be driving behemoth vehicles (or parking them). The low-emissions engines are another huge draw in this feature-friendly model, as the younger crowd has demonstrated a commitment to being “green”.

The infotainment package is updated and robust, complete with a wide range of connectivity features and assistance systems.

Plus, even though the vehicle is smaller than its Audi Q SUV cousins, it still presents a powerful image on the road. The grille speaks to a powerful drive, while the large air inlets command respect as well. Even the rear of the Q2 vehicle is dynamically designed to exude an eye-catching power and tons of character.

The infotainment system can be controlled by a convenient rotary button plus push-button controls, and the navigation capabilities can be operated by natural speech. Even though is is a UK release, the data plan that comes with the MMI navigation will allow for roaming throughout much of Europe. MMI is what Audi calls its connectivity system that controls navigation. Download the MMI app for integration with your phone.

Upgrade your experience with leather upholstery, the “LED lighting package advanced”, or various exterior colours. Also catering to a younger crowd is the ability to expand the wheel size from the standard 16-inch up to a rough-and-tumble style 19-inch alloy wheel.

It’s the best in design combined with the most tech of features, all of which should appeal to a younger crowd.

Audi may be changing their game with new models, fancy apps, and impressive connectivity features, but here at autolocks LTD we stay abreast of it all. That means whatever happens with your Audi door locks, we’ll be there to help you out.

Lost Audi keys, key replacement, broken key or other problems, call us and we’ll be at your side, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.