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The BMW You Think You Know, but Really Don’t

Bavarian Motor Works. Ah, the peak of German engineering, that constant rival of Mercedes when it comes to luxury – it’s the Holy Grail for car enthusiasts. Half performance vehicle, half luxury car, BMW has always been a mark of status in the UK, a badge of honour, saying that you love to drive and you drive to love – but above all, you were stinking rich.

Well, that might have been true at one time, but today’s BMW isn’t the same as yesteryear’s. Yes, it’s true, that BMW emblem on the bonnet still carries much of the same cachet, but there’s a lot you probably don’t know about BMW. Hold on to your trousers, because we’re dropping some knowledge on you today.

Price Plus Performance, Minus the Price

So the first thing you think of about BMW is that you’re never going to afford one, right? That amount of luxury performance is well outside your finances, because of course it is. Even used BMWs that were kept in fairly good nick are going to be too dear.

Well, that might have been true once, but not any more. Did you know a brand new manual transmission BMW 118i starts at just a hair over £21,000? God’s honest. You too can have a BMW in your driveway and enough cash left over to fill up the petrol tank! Yes, so a 7 Series is approximately 3 times the price, but that legendary German engineering can still be yours at a much less eye-watering figure.

It’s Technically a BMW, Isn’t It?

Did you know that the MINI brand of diminutive-yet-adorable little motors is owned by BMW? It’s true – if you want to have  bit of a laugh, you can always get yourself a new model MINI and tell everyone you’ve got a great deal on a new BMW.

Don’t turn your nose up – the MINI is a brand that’s seriously up and coming. Across all models, MINI had more than 68,000 new registrations in 2016 alone. That’s nothing to sneeze at! You know that the same rigorous quality standards that go into every BMW are carried over into every MINI that rolls off the production line – not to mention the legendary BMW innovation and cutting-edge technology.

All That Tech Can Be Pretty Overwhelming

Of course if you do get a new BMW (or a MINI), all that new technology going into these vehicles can be a bit overwhelming. It’s not like it was when you were a nipper – some of the newest models don’t even have analog instrument panels anymore. Instead, you’ve got digital screens that display everything!

A brand new BMW is more than half computer. Electronically-regulated fuel injection, traction control, fuel economy, and more means that it’s less like driving a car and more like operating the space shuttle. This can be pretty overwhelming – just ask anyone who can’t find the key fob to their new BMW!

So How Do You Manage?

Let’s say you do misplace the keys to your new cutting-edge BMW. What are you going to do? You can’t get the damn thing started – you might not even be able to get into it in the first place! You can call a locksmith, but they’re going to just shrug their shoulders and say there’s nothing they can do.

No, what you need is an expert. A company like autolocks LTD specialises in modern electronic wonders like the BMW; they’ve got the skills, the expertise, and the highly advanced tools to get you back into your car without having to smash a window with a bit of brick.

Quick and Easy

Using a service like autolocks is quick and easy. Ringing up a 24/7 service means never having to wait long at all – in fact if you’re in the surrounding London area you can expect to see the friendly autolocks folks in as little as 30 minutes.

Getting back in and on your way is also going to be a snap. As long as you can provide the model BMW you have and the vehicle registration details, autolocks will bring the equipment they need to get your car accessible again – and they can even program a new set of replacement keys on the spot for less than you think it would cost. And since you were able to get your new BMW for such a low price, you’ll have loads of dosh left over to afford that replacement key anyway. If you bought a MINI, you’re in even better shape![/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]