Whether you’ve lost your only key to your Ford or you’ve just bought a new one, sometimes you need a replacement key. Thing is that it’s not like it was back in the day whenever you needed a new key for your Fiesta.

Back before there were computerised immobilisers and keys that needed their internal transponders programmed, you just went down to your local locksmith and had a whole pile of keys milled. Nowadays, though? The new key for your late-model Ford is going to need to be programmed so that it actually works! Otherwise, your motor is no better than a two-tonne paperweight.

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Let’s Be Honest – You Need a Backup Car Key

There’s a reason you get more than one key when you pick up your new Ford from the dealer. You’ll get a master key – usually a bright red one – as well as†one or two†for everyday use. These keys all have little chips or transponders built into the fob, or more likely into the key itself, and these transponders have been programmed with the unique code that deactivates your immobiliser block and allows you to start the engine.

That big, bright master key really shouldn’t leave your flat. In fact it should be kept somewhere safe. Those extra keys, though? Those are your backups. Losing a backup is a lot less catastrophic than losing your master. Of course, if you do end up misplacing one (or all) of your backup keys, guess what? You’re going to need new ones – and they’re going to need to be programmed to work properly for your vehicle.

How Can You Tell if You Need Your Ford Key Reprogrammed?

There’s†not a lot of guesswork involved if you’re trying to suss out whether you’re going to need your Ford key reprogrammed. Any car built after 1995 is going to have a transponder key, as it’s an anti-theft measure that’s become industry standard since then.

Seems a bit queer, doesn’t it? All this furore over a little chip embedded in your key. The “good old days” are long gone, and while it can be a trial to deal with a lost, stolen, or damaged transponder key, it makes it a lot harder for someone to make off with your Ford when you’re not looking. Our vehicles are becoming†more complex every year, and they always have. The bad thing about this is that they have more points of failure, too – and remedying these faults can become tiresome and expensive.

The Locksmith Can’t Help You – but AutoLocks LTD Can

There’s a whole process for programming new keys to match existing vehicles, and it’s not something you can get done at your corner locksmith shop. You can go back to your dealer of course, but the price is going to be dear – and many dealers will insist on having all your keys replaced, not just one! Also, in the event that your master key is lost or damaged, it’s going to be even more expensive to have that one replaced.

Of course there’s a much better option. That’s where autolocks LTD comes in. We’ve got access to the sophisticated equipment needed for key programming. Not only that, but we can program a new key for your Ford at rates that won’t send you to the cashpoint to drain your current account. On top of that, you won’t even have to move a muscle. That’s right, we can come directly to you. In fact, our car specialist locksmiths are on call 24/7! If you live in London or surrounding areas, you can expect us to arrive in as little as 30 minutes, rain or shine.

More than Just Key Programming

Does autolocks LTD do just key programming? Of course not. We’re all about providing a full slate of services to car owners in need. Whether you’ve got a Ford Fiesta, a Nissan Qashqai Renault Twingo, an Audi A3, or anything else that drives, we’ve got you covered.

Get locked out of your car in the middle of the day? Ring us up†and we’ll get you back in business. Someone walks off with your car keys after a night out at the local? We’ll be there, ready to program your replacements. All we need to know is your car’s manufacturer and model, its registration number, and where you are. The rest is up to us!

Keep Calm and Get Your Ford Running†Again

The world is complex enough without wondering how you’re going to get your Fiesta out of the car park tonight because you misplaced your keys. Give autolocks LTD a call and we’ll come to your rescue. We’ll program a new key for your Ford and send you on your way before you know it!