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Lost Your Car Keys?  Check Your Office

How to prevent losing your car keys- from the folks who know!

We probably know more than anybody how a set of lost car keys can disrupt the day.  We help people every day who’ve misplaced their keys…and we see the stress it causes.

From lost hours spent frantically searching for keys, to the mental drain the whole process takes out of you, losing your keys can certainly ruin your entire day.

Some fascinating stats on lost car keys for you.

Nobody needs added stress, so we thought we’d part with a fascinating bit of trivia about where people most often lose their car keys.  The data comes from a study that queried drivers who’d lost their car keys.

The study, brought to us by Lloyds Bank Car Insurance, turned up some pretty interesting revelations…see for yourself:

  • About a quarter of drivers lose their car keys at some point.
  • The largest segment of lost car keys were misplaced at the driver’s place of employment.
  • The next-largest group lost their keys while shopping.
  • The third-most common place to lose your car keys is at a friend’s or family member’s house.

Judging from that data, it looks as if we tend to lose car keys in familiar places or while doing familiar, routine activities.

With that in mind, here’s what you can do to save yourself a whole lot of stress.  The following tips might help you avoid losing your car keys.

1.  Make a spot in your office for your car keys.

The Lloyds Bank study revealed that a whopping 20% of lost car keys are somehow lost at our jobs.  That makes total sense, of course, since we spend a major portion of each week at work.

Commuting is also one of the main reasons we own cars, so statistically speaking it should come as no surprise that the most common place we lose our keys is at work.

Stress comes into play.

But there’s more at play here than mere statistics.  Work is also where we experience a lot of the stress in our lives.  In addition, we often have to show up at work still tired from the day before.  Or perhaps we arrive at work and we’re simply not yet fully awake.

Whatever the reason, it’s fairly easy to lose our keys at work.  So with that in mind, it’s time to do something before you become part of the stats.  Around our office, where we have tons of keys to keep track of, we’ve found that a special spot on your desk (or in it) that’s just for keys can help a lot.

2.  Work on making it a habit to put your keys in that special spot every morning.

It’s one thing to have a special basket on your desk that’s for your keys.  However, it’s another thing to make yourself use it.

To prevent losing your car keys at work, you’ll have to find a way to form a new habit: tossing them into that special place you’ve reserved just for that purpose.

3.  Keep your head on straight while shopping.

Shopping can leave you feeling pulled in a million directions.  When you’re distracted, there’s no end to the absent-minded things you might do with your keys.

Plus, usually when you’re shopping you’ll cover a lot of ground.  That makes for a terribly difficult job of recreating your steps once you’ve lost your keys.  It’s better, of course, to prevent yourself from losing them in the first place.

The Lloyds Bank survey revealed that 15% of people lose their keys while shopping.  For those 15%, staying focused while shopping may prevent an unfortunate lockout.  We love it when you call us for lockout services but we’re pretty sure you’d rather not have to see our locksmiths!

So, while shopping, keep your head on straight: stay hydrated, relaxed, and clear-headed and you may prevent yourself from misplacing your keys.

4.  Don’t let your (key) guard down while socializing at other people’s homes.

Almost as often as we lose our car keys while shopping, we lose them while visiting friends and family, too.  According to the Lloyd’s survey, 13% of us lose our keys while paying a social visit.

Perhaps it’s because we’re so happy to see everyone we forget what we’re doing with our keys.  After all, we’re relaxed because we’re with loved ones but we’re not at home, where we have a routine “key spot”.

The tip here is to keep your keys in your pocket (men) or your handbag (women).  Just like with the bowl at work, make a habit and it’ll serve you well for the rest of your life.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips- but remember: when all else fails, we’re here to help you out in a jam!