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Are you in need of an Expert Auto Locksmith in ShorehambySea?

Loss of your car key, or a fault with it, can spoil your day’s plans. Fortunately, the inconvenience need only last for a little while once you call AutoLocksLTD. At AutoLocksLTD, we are your dependable car key and lock specialists in ShorehambySea, available every hour and every day of the week to provide car key repair or replacement services when you need it.

You can always rely on our services to be delivered quickly and effectively, and they can be made available to you within 30 minutes or less of calling us, regardless of your location in ShorehambySea. This means that we can get you back on the road fast and with the least amount of delay. Whether your car key is broken, lost, or you’ve simply locked it in your car, contact us on 020 8304 2852 at any time for assistance. An AutoLocksLTD specialist will be with you in no time to provide any assistance you might need with your car lock.

Reliable Auto Entry Specialists

AutoLocksLTD employs a team of highly trained specialists equipped with specialised tools to effectively repair or replace your car key and/or lock. The lock-picking equipment we use is highly specialised and capable of accessing a wide array of car models, including yours, without causing damage. We also have access to transponder key programming equipment which enables us to program new keys to function seamlessly with your vehicle.

Our services can be provided on the spot anywhere in ShorehambySea by our polite technicians within half an hour of you placing a call to us. Aside from speedy assistance, we also ensure that our services are provided at friendly prices so you can get the solution you need at a pocket-friendly cost. An AutoLocksLTD technician can be dispatched immediately, or at your convenience, to your location to assist with a broken or lost car key, or if your keys are simply locked in your car.

24/7 Emergency Auto Locksmith in ShorehambySea

Being unable to find your car keys or use them can be bothersome, especially if you can’t find help. It is for this reason that we make our services accessible to you, regardless of your location in ShorehambySea, within 30 minutes of your contacting us. This service can be provided to you regardless of the time of day, every day. Emergency car key services from AutoLocksLTD are just a phone call away on 020 8304 2852.

The cost of repairing or replacing your car key will depend on the type of key, as well as the type of vehicle. Regardless of the model, AutoLocksLTD always offers services at a friendly price.

Mobile Auto Locksmith in ShorehambySea

Our mobile service is at your complete disposal once you contact us and provide the following details: what the problem is, your location, contact number, vehicle model and registration number.

Once you have provided us with all necessary details, we can be at your location within 30 minutes or less to repair or replace your car key. We have a variety of portable, state of the art vehicle entry and key replacement equipment which enables us to provide the assistance you need wherever you are, without you having to visit our shop or go elsewhere. Our experts are the ones you can always trust for fast and mobile car key/lock assistance.

Auto Locksmith services we offer in ShorehambySea

There are a number of car lock services we provide at AutoLocksLTD. Some of our most requested services include;

  • Lost Car Keys

    In the event that you misplace your car keys, we can provide you a replacement by duplicating a spare if you have one, or by dismantling the lock of your car and crafting a new one from there.
    Our key replacement service also comes with programming and reprogramming to ensure the key actually works with your car.

  • Car Lock Repair

    Repairing or replacing damaged car locks isn’t new to us. This service is available for a wide variety of vehicle types and models.

  • Car Key Programming

    We can provide effective car key programming to car owners whose transponders have been tampered with or which have been otherwise damaged. Rest assured that a key programmed by us is as secure as a brand-new key from your car’s company.

  • Car Key Repair

    Depending on what’s wrong with your car key, our specialists can help repair it. If repairing your damaged key isn’t feasible, we can simply offer you a replacement.

  • Car Opening

    If you’ve locked your keys in your car or any other scenario where you need your car forced open, we can help. We specialise in a variety of non-destructive entry techniques that will get us into your car without damaging it at all.

How much replacing or repairing a car key will cost is dependent on a number of factors, including the type of vehicle. Regardless of the model, AutoLocksLTD always offers services at a friendly price.

Vehicles We Repair Car Keys For

Our competence in repairing car keys covers a diverse range of vehicle types as well as key types. Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive in ShorehambySea, chances are we can help if you have a problem with the key or the lock.

Vehicle types we commonly work with include cars, HGVs, trucks, vans, and more. Vehicle brands we are used to working with in ShorehambySea are: Peugeot, Skoda, Fiat, Ford, Toyota, Vauxhall, Mercedes, Honda, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Honda, Nissan, Citroen, Volkswagen, Volvo, BMW, Land Rover, Mazda, Renault, and others. Regardless of your vehicle type or model, give us a call today on 020 8304 2852 for an expert to help you get back into your car.

Car Key Types

The model of your car typically determines its key type. A car’s brand can also further distinguish its key type. General key types we normally fix and repair include remote key fobs, key cards, basic keys, keys with transponders, and proximity keys. If you have a problem with any of the aforementioned key types, we’ll help by first carefully entering your car to examine your lock. Minutes later, we can craft a new key for you on the spot and place it in your hands. By working with AutoLocksLTD, getting your car key repaired or getting a replacement is far more convenient.

How much does a car key repair cost?

Compared to what you’ll find elsewhere in ShorehambySea, our auto locksmith services are very competitively priced. You could pay as little as £80 to have your car key fully refurbished and fully operational in a matter of minutes. Dial 020 8304 2852 for our helpline now and to get started on replacing or repairing your car key at a great price. It’s possible to enjoy our services at 75% less than what a main dealer in ShorehambySea could charge for the same service.

Call our helpline and get an instant quote!

The type of car key and the vehicle that it’s for will significantly affect the cost of repairs or a key replacement. But no matter your car type, you can always look to AutoLocksLTD for friendly prices. To get a free, no obligation quote instantly, give us a call now on 020 8304 2852.

30-minute response or less

Speediness and convenience are the hallmarks of our service. There’s no need to look for us, because we can come to you once you ask for us. Within 30 minutes or less of calling us, we can be where you need us to be in ShorehambySea to deliver the services you need. Or if you prefer, we can arrange a convenient time to visit and provide the service you need.

Call us with the following information:

Simply call us and provide the following details to get started on receiving distinctive car key repair or replacement services from AutoLocksLTD: make and model of your car, your contact number, registration number, and your current location.

Contact Number


Make and Model

Registration Number

The type of key you are looking to repair or replace will influence how much the service will cost. But whether your car is a classic or the latest model, you can always look for best prices at AutoLocksLTD.


How do I know when I might soon need a car key repair?

Signs of damage which are affecting the performance of your key can be rectified once you get in touch with us. If you notice anything wrong with your key, be it functionality or how it looks, simply call us on 020 8304 2852 to discuss the fault and how it can be resolved.

Common problems with broken or damaged car keys that can be repaired

If the key to your car snapped within the door lock or in the ignition, you can contact us to extract the broken key and replace it. Our expertise also includes the repair of key fobs as well as proximity keys.

Do you offer car key programming?

Most vehicles sold after 1995 have improved security systems that make use of an immobiliser and key with a transponder chip. In the event that we are providing you a replacement transponder key, we can reprogram your immobiliser to work seamlessly with such a key.

How soon can we get someone out?

How soon we can reach you is often dependent on where you are in ShorehambySea. One of our specialists can be at your side in less than 30 minutes after you call us.

Can you open / repair / fix locks?

Regardless of the type or model of your vehicle, we have specialists that are armed with state of the art equipment to help them easily open, repair, or fix the lock of your vehicle. This facilitates our ability to provide a hassle free service to all of our customers.

My keys are locked in my car, can you get them out?

We can easily open your locked car and retrieve your locked-in keys, thanks to our expertise and state of the art equipment. We can be at your location in less than half an hour to help you get into your locked car and retrieve your key without damaging any aspect of your vehicle.

What guarantee do I get?

Our services are hassle free and quickly delivered at some of the most competitive prices available in ShorehambySea. We can also be depended on for fully functional keys once repaired or replaced by us.

Can you come in the evening / weekends?

AutoLocksLTD is here for you 24/7 and all year round. We are here to serve you whenever you require our services.

Can I get a free quote?

Reach out to us today on 020 8304 2852 for a free, no obligation quote now.

Do AutoLocksLTD locksmiths carry ID?

Yes, for security purposes and for easy identification, all of our technicians carry AutoLocksLTD identity cards while on duty.

The cost of a key replacement or repair will be significantly influenced by the key type as well as the car make and model it’s meant for. But no matter your car type, you can always look to AutoLocksLTD for friendly prices. For an instant and free quote, dial 020 8304 2852 now.