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Broken Car Keys, Don’t go at it Alone

There’s nothing like the feeling of turning the key in your lock and realizing it suddenly snapped in your hand. Maybe it’s panic – you need to pick up the children at school in 30 minutes. Or frustration – you’re running late to work. But there’s a feeling you might not expect – confident. autolocks is there for you when broken car keys are a problem.

When the Key Breaks

Keys, especially car keys, can take a beating. We toss them in purses, pockets, backpacks, and briefcases. Drop them on desks and tables, or even let teething babies gnaw on them. We expect them to stand up to cold, heat, rain, snow and ice. But sometimes the stress of daily usage, temperature fluctuations, and everyday wear and tear can make car keys susceptible to breakage. Most people don’t inspect their car keys regularly, looking for chips, nicks or scratches that could ultimately lead to a break. As time goes on and keys get tougher to push into and pull out of locks, we jiggle them or maybe handle them a little roughly, forcing them into the ignition or door lock, which, in reality, damages them in tiny ways. And then the key snaps.

What Now?

When it happens to you, the first thing to do isn’t to try and dig the key out yourself, as tempting as that may be. This is not the time to pull up video tutorials on your phone for a do-it-yourself fix. Sure, you may have heard your brother-in-law talk about how he got the key stump out of the door lock with a pair of pliers, or maybe you’ve seen a box of key removal tools at the auto parts store. Maybe you’ve got one of those emergency kits in your car, and you’re hoping there’s a pair of tiny tools in there, or maybe someplace you can get a magnet?

But consider how inconvenient it is to leave wherever you are and hunt down pliers or special tools; maybe you’re not even in your own town, adding another layer to the problem. It might not be safe walk around where you are, looking for an auto parts store, or maybe there simply isn’t one nearby. Then what?

There’s also the risk of inadvertently pushing the broken stem of the key further into the lock, or scratching up or nicking the interior of the lock so that it can no longer properly receive the key once you get it out. Damaging the key or the lock can increase the expense and hassle of fixing the problem greatly. After all, you don’t want to add the problem of replacing the lock on top of replacing the key. Call a locksmith; that’s what we’re here for. Highly capable autolocks technicians are able to extricate the broken lock with precision and skill and repair it on-site.

Call a Professional Auto Locksmith

When broken car keys are an issue, don’t mess around with a general locksmith. Go to a automotive locksmith who specializes in this kind of service. Cars today have such precise electronics systems, and many keys do, too. When you’re struggling with an urgent and essential repair, you don’t want to take a chance on who you call for assistance; let autolocks be that company.

Calling a professional auto locksmith provides the peace of mind you need to know your key is being extricated and repaired properly. Broken car keys are frustrating in the best of circumstances. Now imagine how much worse it would be if an inexperienced locksmith tried to fix it and then you had the same problem a second time before you arrived at your final destination? Or, let’s say you manage to get the stem of the broken key out of the lock yourself, then what? There’s still the problem of locking the car or starting the car to get home or get the key to a repair shop. Neither situation is good, and let’s not even begin to think of the ordeal of facing this with your children or elderly parents in the car with you.

Our skilled locksmiths have specialized tools and equipment. They are capable of removing keys that have snapped, cracked, chipped or become damaged in some way, whether they’re stuck in the ignition or the door. autolocks locksmiths can perform on-the-spot repairs to your key and send you on your way. Our locksmiths are on the road and at the ready to assist you with key problems, any time, day or night, whether you’re in your own home town or visiting ours.