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We are the Renault Car Key Specialists

If you own a Renault, then you already know a good value when you see one. That’s how we know you’ll be 100% satisfied with AutoLocks Ltd whenever you have a car key issue with your Renault, no matter what model you own.

We specialize in helping people who’ve lost their Renault car keys.  With a variety of solutions up our sleeve for whatever circumstance has led you to your key problems, we’ve been pleasing owners of this famous French brand for decades now.

Here’s Help for Your Renault Car Key Problems

Did you know that Renault drastically changed their central door locking system around 2001, with the models which came out for the 2001/2002 season?  That’s the first thing we’ll need to know after you place your call to us.

If your car is a “multiplexed” model, the process for fixing or replacing a Renault car key requires much more sophisticated equipment.  Any Renault models issued before 2001 will use a standard key so it’s a different process to repair or replace.

Fob won’t start the car?

If the fob to your Renault isn’t working, we can replace it for you or provide a repair service on the spot. But don’t worry – we’ve got the best equipment for any model, new or old.

Best of all, we’ll bring our sophisticated equipment to your carside, where our expert auto locksmiths will repair or replace your fob or whatever it takes to get you rolling again.

Immobiliser won’t work?

Your Renault may be in perfect working condition, but if the immobiliser doesn’t work then you’re going nowhere.  The AA may not have the right solution, so after you’ve tried replacing the batteries and other simple solutions, give us a call.

Again, we are Renault car key specialists with expert knowledge of the manufacturer’s system for locking and starting Renault cars.

Case in point: did you know that since the mid-1990s, all Renaults have had an immobiliser installed on the engine?  Since it’s your key or fob that releases that immobiliser, your car simply won’t turn over if you’ve lost your keys or your fob isn’t working.

Prior to 1997, Renault designed immobilisers that were released by infrared remotes.  These remotes have always had a reputation for being rather… tricky, to put it mildly!

They fixed that by upgrading the Renault car key system to a transponder, which is of course embedded in the head of your key.  Renault owners have reported fewer issues since the company abandoned the problematic infrared remote, but as you know, nothing is foolproof.  People still lose their keys!

Randomly locking doors?

Let’s face it: there are some pretty strange Renault car-locking problems out there.  Some Renault owners have reported randomly-locking doors.  In fact, it’s considered common for some models to lock unexpectedly, leaving owners forced to crawl through a passenger door to get to the driver’s seat.

Trust us, we know… because we’ve been working on Renault lock-outs for years!  To fix this, it’s often a matter of repairing broken rod connectors.  Sometimes it’s faulty wiring, but whatever the case might be, we have multiple solutions and sophisticated equipment for solving your car key issues.

Any model, any time.

What’s your Renault model?  We cover a full spectrum of Renault car models so when you have a lockout, it’s a safe bet that autolocks Ltd can fix it for you.  Here’s what we serve:

  • Renault Clio
  • Renault Latitude
  • Renault Megane
  • Renault Senic
  • Renault Twingo
  • Renault Twingo Hatchback

And remember: autolocks has expert auto locksmiths on the clock all day and all night, 24 hours a day.  After all, who wants to wait around when you can’t access your car?  We can be there in as few as 30 minutes, too.

If you’re in the areas of London, Kent, Essex, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey, you’re in our coverage area.  For replacement car keys or Renault key programming on the spot, autolocks technicians are available for emergencies 24 hours a day.

Is your Renault key issue not an emergency?  We do appointments, too.  Maybe you simply don’t like having just one key- call for an appointment and we’ll set you up with a spare key or two for safekeeping and future problems.

No matter what model, what problem, or what location you’re stuck in, autolocks will rush to your side and have your Renault operational again with you inside it, ready to carry on with your day and get back to the things that matter.

Call us for fast, expert service on your Renault car key issue.  The number is 07946705894 to talk to a Renault locksmith specialist.