If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to deal with lost or misplaced keys. Modern vehicles have impressively complex ignition systems. Every car built since 1995 has an anti-theft immobiliser system that works by matching the serial number stored in your key’s transponder chip to the number in your immobiliser. If †these match, the car turns on.

Of course, this means losing your key is a much bigger problem than it used to be back before this technology. Your local blacksmith shop can’t cut you a new key ñ you normally need to go to a dealer and pay through the nose for a new transponder key. But there is a better way ñ and autolocks LTD has the answer.

AutoLocks LTD to the Rescue

autolocks LTD has the tools and the knowledge to provide you replacement keys to your Nissan. Locked out of your Qashqai and you’re far from home? Just watched your keys disappear down a surface water drain? You’re no longer up the creek.

Forget about going to the dealer for expensive replacement keys. Call autolocks LTD. We’re available 24/7 and we’ll be on our way with a replacement for your lost, stolen, or missing ones. If you live in London or the surrounding area, we’ll even be there in 30 minutes or less. How’s that for having your back?

Nissan and AutoLocks ñ a Winning Combination

Post-Brexit UK might sound like it will be a scary place. However, when you’ve got first-class car makers like Nissan showing us the love, it’s obvious the problems we may end up facing are going to be manageable.

Now combine that with autolocks LTD. Our specialised car locksmiths are waiting for your call. We’ll come out and solve your lost or missing key problems whether you’ve got a Nissan or any other model car. We’ll have you behind the wheel and motoring about again before you know it, and all at a price that will ensure you’ve got a few quid left over when you get home.