Toyota Hops Aboard the Future Train With its Smart Key System

With new software and a reputation for outstanding innovation and engineering, Toyota has finally upped the ante an auto locks technology with its new Smart Key System. But with all the fuss lately in the news about the security and reliability of new door lock technology, most consumers have a few questions before they feel confident in such technology.

To answer those questions, here are some FAQs for current and potential Toyota vehicle owners who have concerns about the new Smart Key System.

FAQs for Toyota’s New Smart Key System

1. What Exactly Does the Smart Key System Do For You?

Ironically, the Smart Key isn’t a key at all. It’s a fob, which you carry in your pocket whenever you need to unlock your car doors or start the engine.

That may not sound revolutionary, but here’s the real “gee-whiz” factor: you don’t ever have to click any buttons or even take the key fob out of your pocket to access your vehicle or start driving.

2. How Do You Unlock the Car Doors, Then?

The Smart Key System operates your car doors with the touch of your hand on the car door. Simply have the key fob on your person and touch the handle and voila: the door will open. In some Toyota models, the key fob works on the passenger door locks, too.

3. Without a Keyed Ignition, How Does the Engine Start?

After you get into your car, when you sit in the driver’s seat all you have to do is touch a button on the dashboard to start the engine. If you have pressing buttons or turning keys in the ignition then this will be a wonderful improvement in your car ownership experience.

4 . What if the Car Won’t Start? 

Troubleshooting: one very common problem new Toyota drivers encounter with the Smart Key System is the engine won’t start when they try to use their Smart Key System. Invariably, with new vehicle owners, the problem is user error: they don’t realize they need to depress the brake pedal while pressing the ignition button.

You see, it works like any old car in the pre-smart technology days: the brakes must be engaged in order for the engine to start up. Makes sense!

5. Can I Disengage the Smart Key System?

Yes, you may toggle the Smart Key System on and off if you’ve paid for this feature on your vehicle. Reasons for doing this? Valet parking is one major reason and the other is if you think you may not be driving your vehicle for more than a few weeks. Other than those reasons, it’s not usually necessary to switch off the Smart Key System.

6. How Do I Lock My Toyota With the Smart Key System?

The sensors for unlocking your Toyota door locks are located on the underside of the exterior door handle. When it’s touched, the door unlocks (if the fob is present, of course).

Locking the door is simply a matter of first making sure all doors are closed. Then, find the black square pad on the outside of the door and all you need to do is touch it.

7. Can I Start the Engine From Outside the Vehicle?

No, the vehicle’s key system first checks for the presence of the key fob in the interior of the car before starting the engine. There are interior sensors for this purpose.

8. What If the Battery in My Smart Key Fob is Dead? 

If you need to get inside your vehicle but the fob battery is dead, simply use the metal key. That key is kept inside your fob so it’s always handy in case of a dead-battery emergency.

Then, to start the engine you’d insert your fob into the slot that’s found in the dash of your car. At that point, you’d want to drive to a store where you could get a battery for the fob.

No matter how “smart” your Toyota key system may be, here at autolocks Ltd we are on top of things. By keeping our auto locksmiths trained on every aspect of vehicle entry and key technology, we’re able to help all our Toyota car owner customers with whatever issue arises.

If you’re stuck and can’t gain access to your Toyota, or you’re having problems with your Smart Key System, give us a call. We’re there 24 hours a day and seven days a week, at your side any time.